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Mountaineering school in St. Petersburg

The team of our Club together with Alexei Lonchinsky held ice-climbing classes near St. Petersburg

03/03/2018 23:32

Our video.  Alexey Lonchinsky - master of sports in mountaineering, four-time champion of Russia in mountaineering! Alexey trains youth section on mountaineering in St. Petersburg, works as an instructor in Bezengi, has an international award for the best climbing of the year - "Golden Axe". ...

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March theses of Alexander Abramov: how to set a record on speed of climbing all "Seven Summits

03/03/2018 10:46

On March 2, Alexander Abramov and Lyudmila Korobeshko showed themselves to the St. Petersburg audience. At the invitation of our friends from the company "Red Fox" they performed in the store Planet Sport. The lecture was originally supposed to be dedicated to the speed record set by team Alpari, ...

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The second day of the Mountain School in St. Petersburg, not only rocks!

16/07/2016 22:41

 In the morning it was the rain. We went to the Vyborg Castle, then took to the water. Later afternoon we went on the rocks to Palzevo, where we climbed, trained.                          The day before, we practiced on the rocks ...

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Ice Climbing in St. Petersburg. Training of 7 Summits Club

09/02/2015 12:32

 February 8th, a regular training at the School of Mountaineering took place under the leadership of our wonderful coach Lescha Lonchinsky. He also was helped by master climbing Oksana Tomescu. Venue: Ice Sablino array. There was nice ice and very good weather. That's what beauty we had:   ...

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