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Our Club's friends expeditions

Photos from the climb to the peak of Batian from Andrey Yerokhin and Anna Rybakova

26/01/2018 13:01

Andrey Yerokhin, a professional mountain guide from Kyrgyzstan and one of the best friends of the 7 Summits Club Anna Rybakova climbed one of the objects of the program of 7 summits Club, which we called "Seven super-mountains". The highest peak of Mount Kenya is called Batian and it has no easy ...

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Valery Rozov becomes first to ever BASE jump 6,768m Huascarán in South America

28/07/2017 21:41

Valery Rozov has successfully completed the highest BASE jump in South America in his quest to leap from the highest suitable peak on every continent on the planet. The expedition was organized by the 7 Summit Club.   The Russian took five days to climb Huascarán in Peru, which stands ...

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Our people run around Zugspitze - one of the "Seven Summits of the Alps"

28/06/2016 17:44

Our friendly Club RRC team traveled to the Alps, to train and take part in races on the program SALOMON ZUGSPITZ ULTRATRAIL.  It was a representative delegation of 37 participants and 4 trainers, among them were our renowned athletes, guides of the 7 ...

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Photos of Mount Kinabalu from Tatiana Kornilova

26/02/2016 19:21

Tatiana Kornilova returned from Malaysia where she climbed Mount Kinabalu (4095m), the path to which runs through the jungle of Borneo. Kinabalu - has the highest peak in South East Asia and in the island.  Tatyana shared her photos                 ...

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September 17 - a special screening of the movie "Three Men and Kilimanjaro."

14/09/2015 06:47

September 17th, 2015 at the cinema Moscow park "Krasnaya Presnya" will be held a special screening of the film Russia Today «Three and Kilimanjaro." The film tells the story of young people with disabilities, who are trying to do something that sometimes can not afford many perfectly healthy ...

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Photos from the ascent o Mount McKinley by the sports group of members of our Club

28/06/2015 11:39

In mid-June, the highest peak of North America Mount McKinley (Denali) was conquered by the Russians group composed of: Sergei Dmitriev, Irena Kharazova, Eugene Kravt and Alexander Utvenko. Today, Eugene sent us a selection of photos from the expedition. Mt.McKinley - it's really very, very ...

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Our people at McKinley. Congratulations to Sergey Dmitriev with the completion of the program 7 Summits!

18/06/2015 01:24

A Russian Sports team of members of our Club has just returned to civilization after a successful ascent to the highest peak of North America Mount McKinley (Denali). That means, that happy climbers Sergey Dmitriev, Irena Kharazova, Eugene Kraft and Alexander Utvenko arrived by small plane in ...

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14/04/2015 03:48

On April, 10th eleven mountaineers will start their expedition to the top of the world’s highest peak, Mt. Everest (8848 m). Professional guides will accompany the group, because most of the participants will climb the highest peak on Earth for the first time. Climbing fans will have a unique ...

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Presentation of a book by Igor Grishkov "Project Antarctica. Nothing to prove" was held April 4th at the Moscow Museum of Youri Senkewich

10/04/2015 20:24

We have already written about this wonderful book and noted that the author did exactly what he wanted. Well, the presentation was held in form, which, of course, was also pleasing to him. In the form of a meeting of friends! Once again pay tribute to the author and his assistants: the book, in the ...

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Vyacheslav Adrov conquered the next volcano, it is, probably, the first Russian ascent on Apo?

02/03/2015 20:10

  Just a few days ago, a tireless traveler and scout of new volcanoes Vyacheslav Adrov made a successful ascent to the highest point of the Philippines - Mount Apo (2954m). Vyacheslav - a permanent member of expeditions of the 7 Summits Club. And that our Club have inspired him for theme of ...

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Tuvan writer Maadyr Khovalyg published a new book in Russian: 5 HIGHEST PEAKS 5 CONTINENTS

12/02/2015 19:54

5 HIGHEST PEAKS 5 CONTINENTS – it is a new book with great pictures about Tuvan mountaineers climbing the highest peaks in Europe, Africa, the two Americas and Australia. The book contains chapters about the Moscow Club "7 Summits", Russian Expedition Everest 2012, about Fedor Konyukhov, ...

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We congratulate Andrey Filkov with Seven Summits and wish Happy Birthday!

25/10/2013 15:23

Andrey Filkov sent us a message fromAustralia. On the day of his birth, he has successfully climbed to the top of Mount Kosciuszko, the highest in mainland Australia. Thus Andre fulfilled the norm of the Seven Summits according to Kosciusko (Bass version). Active members of the 7 Summits Club ...

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Valery Rozov the main guest of our traditional evening of meetings

19/10/2013 15:31

  Valery Rozov will act on the party of the 7 Summits Club, which will take place on October 24. He will tell about a record jump from slopes of Everest.     Interview on Red Bull site I Knew I Would Live, Says Valery Rozov By Josh Sampiero on 5 June 2013 in Features Back from his ...

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Maadyr Khovalyg with friends made the Kora

09/07/2013 14:54

In a very hard conditions our friends from Tyva Republic made the legendary Kora around Mont Kailash. Not many of piligrims were so lucky. Just some Tibetians. Among them the youngest Muchu Amo who is just two month old. May by it a world record?  

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Our friend Vladimir Doronin has climbed the Mount of Giluve

13/04/2013 12:55

Our friend Vladimir Doronin has climbed the Mount of Giluve in  Papua New Guinea. It is the highest volcano of the continent of Australia. It was very rainly weather. Huge shower every days. Take care! -  it is for next climbers. Real adventure:             ...

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Fedor Konyukhov: Into the Arctic on the dogsleds

14/03/2013 15:41

In April of 2013, Fedor Konyukhov and a native of the Republic of Karelia, Victor Simonov will undertake a unique expedition of crossing the Artic expanse by dogsled. The uniqueness of the expedition is in the route itself. Fedor and Victor are planning to dogsled from the northern part of Karelia ...

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MLAE-2013 Expedition DIARY

10/03/2013 14:21

February 9, 2013 One of the greatest expeditions of the 21st century has quietly started on the perrone of the Yaroslavskiy train station in Moscow. YEMELYA-team: all seven members of the next Marine Live-ice Autmobile Expedition-2013: Makovnev Afanasy, Elagin Vasily, Vankov Andrey, Obikhod ...

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Olga Rumyantseva on Kilimanjaro: Project 7 Volcanoes of Kaspersky Lab

02/03/2013 20:43

March 1. Olga Rumyantseva reached the summit Uhuru on Kilimanjaro,Africa's highest volcano. She climbed the route Umbve. It was not easy, because the plan was allocated to climb at 5 days. This is the second ascent on the highest volcanoes in the project “7 continents in one year alone” ...

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80 years old Valentin Bozhukov is ready for Everest ...

09/02/2013 21:55

Valentin Bozhukov is 80 years old. And he wants to continue his mountaineering career and fulfill his cherished dream: to climb Mount Everest. Valentin has high physical condition, strong will, a great experience and he is able to reach the summit of Everest. Sponsors have already collected an ...

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Gleb Sokolov plans: a new route on Everest in alpine style

08/02/2013 12:36

The famous Russian high-altitude climber Gleb Sokolov visited the Moscow office of NPF BASK company, his lead sponsor. He spoke to the press about their plans. This year Gleb will be under Everest with the expedition of 7 Summits Club. He plans to made a new route via the middle of Kanchung face in ...

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