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Summit. Photography by Oleg Pimenov from the peak of Margaret

08/02/2018 14:29

Our friend Oleg Pimenov made an ascent to the third highest peak in Africa, Margaret peak.  This is Mountains of the Moon in Uganda.                                         All photo gallery ...

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Lots of photos from members of the expedition on Kilimanjaro 3-11 January 2018

24/01/2018 21:21

 Thank you to the participants of the first our big team this year on Kilimanjaro! After return home they sent us a huge number of photos. Many of the photos  are similar to the ones we had, but there are  lots original. In addition, what is unique – that is  the people, ...

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Ivan Lukasevich. Face to face with Dhaulagiri. PHOTO

21/11/2017 15:27

  I have long dreamed of going off trek around Dhaulagiri - this is one of the cult mountains, objectively, and for me personally. It has a long and complex history of first ascent, in fact, it is the last conquered eight-thousandth (not including artificially "closed" Shisha Pangma). Many ...

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Some photos from a trip to the Republic of Korea

28/11/2015 13:07

The spring - best time for travel to South Korea, at this time everything blossoms, the nature wakens, the feeling of a holiday is created. However, regardless of a season this remarkable country will leave nobody indifferent. You will see the surprising nature, ancient monuments (In South ...

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Press tour of 7 Summits Club Nepal has been a guest of Tashi Tenzing ..

14/11/2015 11:44

Tashi Tenzing, multiple climber of Mount Everest, the youngest son of Pem Pem, the eldest daughter of the great Tenzing Norgey. November 30th he will be 50 years old! The date worthy to tell the history of his life, continuing the great generation of Tenzing. "The famous GRANDPA of our hero was ...

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Marina Gevorgyan: The story of my earthquake. From an article in the magazine Snob ...

23/09/2015 06:35

  Director General of the project Snob Marina Gevorgyan participated in the expedition 7 Summits Club on Everest in 2015. As is known, the expedition was aborted due to a strong earthquake. Marina hopes to return to Everest next year .... Those who are trying to become the same height as the ...

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Album. Project Antarctica: Nothing Left to Prove.

27/03/2015 14:30

Project Antarctica: Nothing Left to Prove. Hardcover. by Grishkov Igor (Author), Klimov Sasha (Editor)     Photos: On the Amazon:                      

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