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Aconcagua 2015 - 2016

Cerro Aconcagua (official name) with its 6,962 m is the highest mountain in South (and both) America, and the highest mountain in the Southern and Western Hemisphere. It is located in the Andes ... read more »

Vladimir Kotlyar and his group completed the program of expedition to Aconcagua. Photos

10/02/2016 11:26

Guide of the 7 Summits Club Vladimir Kotlyar: Hello everyone! Team "Robinson and the three Musketeers" descended safely to Mendoza! We drank all the wine road)))), and overlooked all eyes on the girls in shorts)))!   * About girls – it is related only to non-family part of the team))) ...

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SUMMIT !!! The team sends greetings from the top of Aconcagua, the highest point of North and South America !!!

06/02/2016 20:41

 We are on the top !!! It says Vladimir Kotlyar, the 7 Summits Club. With me here are Sergey, Eugene and Daniil. We are standing now at the top, all together!  Weather is wonderful! View stunning. And it is not cold - we are even not frozen. We send greetings to all those who hear us! ...

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Vladimir Kotlyar with the group is in a Cholera camp. In the morning - out assault on Aconcagua

05/02/2016 23:05

Hello everybody! It is Vladimir Kotlyar. We are sitting now, having dinner in a tent  in the high camp Cholera, at six thousands. Wind, of course, is very strong. It seems that the tent was about to leave for a flight. But it's probably good - if we raise the right to the top. And actually, ...

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A Rest Day for the group "Robinson and the Three Musketeers," at Plaza de Mulas

30/01/2016 19:20

Vladimir Kotlyar from the Plaza de Mulas camp (expedition to Aconcagua): I send you some pictures of the team "Robinson and The Three Musketeers." Today we have a day of rest and have the opportunity to use the Internet. But, in truth, it is not  the fastest))), so not a lot of pictures. I ...

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Information from Vladimir Kotlyar, who met a new group of climbers on Aconcagua

25/01/2016 20:21

Hello! It is Vladimir Kotlyar. The group gathered in the city of Mendoza. Mendoza met us by cloudy weather and the long-awaited cool. We are four, Sergei Shilkin, Eugene Kraft, Daniel Birman and me. Right as Robinson and the three Musketeers)))) We could not leave Mendoza today because a mudflow ...

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Expedition on Aconcagua: this time without the summit. PHOTO

15/01/2016 06:00

Vladimir Kotlyar: Unfortunately, we have not reached the top of Aconcagua. Sergey was very froze and we decided to go down ...            

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Vladimir Kotlyar from the Plaza de Mulas Camp: our group is acclimatizing and will be waiting for the weather. PHOTOS

09/01/2016 01:37

Hello! Here Vladimir Kotlyar a guide of the 7 Summits Club from Plaza de Mulas. Today we had an active rest day. We walked on a glacier, had a walk to the old, but the broken shelter. In general, we are quietly acclimatizing. Now we have passed the "Medical check" - in the morning. A couple of ...

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Group of Vladimir Kotlyar acclimatizes under the South Face of Aconcagua

06/01/2016 21:14

Buenas tardes, amigos! It is Vladimir Kotlyar, an expedition on Aconcagua. We are, united in our troika, are almost at the foot of the South Face of Aconcagua. However, nothing can be seen. The weather is bad. Everything is covered with clouds, snow. Right as Russian winter, or, well, a Canadian ...

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Expedition on Aconcagua: our guide Vladimir Kotlyar with the group climbed to the camp Confluencia

05/01/2016 20:20

Hi everybody! It says Vladimir Kotlyar, a guide of an expedition on Aconcagua. We are now in the first camp, where we'll stay 2 days for acclimatization. Plaza Confluencia – on called this place. Now we sit, eat, gather strength. We went up not at 3 hours according a standard schedule, but ...

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Photos from the summit of Mount Aconcagua from our guide Sergei Larin

28/12/2015 02:23

The 7 Summits Club guide Sergey Larin sent photos from the ascent to Aconcagua. On the top there were: Alexander Tertychnyi, Dmitry Tertychnyi (14 years) and guide Sergey Larin          

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SUMMIT! Sergei Larins Group climbed the summit of Mount Aconcagua. Congratulations!

26/12/2015 07:09

Hi Seven Summits Club! Today, all members of our small expedition of three men climbed Mount Aconcagua. Remarkably, in the expedition there was a 14-year-old boy from Russia - it is the record for age. But climbing was given to us is not easy. The climb took 12 hours. But it ended okay, now we are ...

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Group of Sergei Larin went to rest in the base camp Plaza de Mulas

21/12/2015 04:05

Sergei Larin, a guide of the 7 Summits Club: Welcome Seven Summits! Shower in Plaza de Mulas costs $ 10. 15 minutes of bad working of the Internet and two cans of beer are also $ 10. But after three days of acclimatization in Nido de Condores at 5500, all that we have to use. As you understood, we ...

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Sergei Larin, from the camp Nido de Condores Aconcagua: acclimatization is going according to the plan

20/12/2015 01:05

Hello, Seven Summits! Get information on Aconcagua. We are OK, we are working on a plan, getting acclimatization for the standard version. Yesterday we spent the night at the Plaza Canada, today we climbed to Nido de Condores. All members are in good conditions. What is proved by two facts. First, ...

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Vladimir Kotlyar from Plaza de Mulas camp: we have climbed to the top in 5 hours, fast enough. We are now in the Plaza de Mulas, you could not believe it!

16/12/2015 03:30

Hello everybody! It is Vladimir Kotlyar, Climb Aconcagua program. Today I and Oksana went to the top of the highest point in South America. It was cold, but windless. We caught the weather window, it is cool. We climbed up for 5 hours - rather quickly. We are now in the Plaza de Mulas, you could ...

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Vladimir Kotlyar from Plaza de Mulas camp: we continue climbing, despite the fact that we are only two now

12/12/2015 17:28

Hello! It is Vladimir Kotlyar from Aconcagua. Our climbing partners have decided to fly home for personal reasons. They flew in a helicopter. And we've got two. Here, unfortunately. But we did not finish the expedition ... Now we sit down in Plaza de Mulas, at an altitude of 4300 and expected ...

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Vladimir Kotlyar reports from the Canada camp on the slopes of Aconcagua: we climbed briskly, despite the difficult conditions

09/12/2015 22:51

Hello! This is Vladimir Kotlyar, the guide of the 7 Summits Club on the expedition to Aconcagua. Today our friendly team climbed up for the first high-altitude camp at an altitude, it is Plaza Canada at 4800 meters. Our goal is to spend the night for better acclimatization and gradual, step-up ...

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The 7 Summits Club guide Sergey Larin flew to Argentina for the climb Aconcagua program

09/12/2015 21:16

Today, January 9, one more our guide - Sergey Larin flew to Argentina. Tomorrow he will, we hope, arrive in Mendoza, and will begin preparations for a meeting with members of our new expedition. This expedition will start the next day. Note that the youngest member of the group is only 14 years old. ...

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Vladimir Kotlyar with the group went for acclimatization under the South Face of Aconcagua

07/12/2015 02:23

Good evening! It says Vladimir Kotlyar from Argentina. We are all also in the Plaza Confluence. Today we have acclimatization at valley under the South Face of Aconcagua. A stunningly beautiful mount. There is a lot of snow this season, as I said earlier. First time at this altitude I had to stomp ...

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Vladimir Kotlyar with the group went up to the gate of the National Park Aconcagua

05/12/2015 08:03

Hello everybody ! It says Vladimir Kotlyar from Penitentes. It is practically next to the entrance to the national park - a small ski town, which consists of several hotels. Today we spend the night here. We have already prepared the bags for the mules. Tomorrow morning it will be taken by takes ...

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Vladimir Kotlyar opened the season in South America, from Patagonia to Aconcagua!

23/11/2015 20:39

A week ago, the guide 7 Summits Club Vladimir Kotlyar and his wife Oksana went to South America. In Mendoza, they celebrated the birthday of Oksana. Further, the mobile group of Kotliar’s moved in Argentine Patagonia at the region of the famous Mount Fitz Roy. Now they are exploring the area ...

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