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Kilimanjaro 2016


Vladimir Shataev - another climb, this time to Kilimanjaro. In 79 years!

07/11/2016 19:19

Vladimir Shataev ascended to the summit of Kilimanjaro at 9:30 November 3, 2016, in company with another great friend of our Club Alexander Sobolenko. They left the last camp to Barafu at 01:30. The climb took 8 hours. Vladimir Shataev is 79-a-half years old, he was born May 1, 1937. It is a ...

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On Kilimanjaro everything is all right. Two of our group have already visited the summit, the next two coming...

03/11/2016 19:37

  Our group guided by Maxim Bulahovsky successfully climbed the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro - Uhuru peak via the Machame route. They made it 2 days ahead of schedule! Now they are down to the Millennium camp and then to the exit of the National Park. Their plan: go on a Safari early in order to ...

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Four groups of 7 Summits Club at once went up into the legendary Mount Kilimanjaro!

29/10/2016 18:40

Almost at the same time four our groups went to Africa to climb the highest peak of the continent. They have different routes, but the main goal is the same - Kilimanjaro! The two groups will work with Russian guides.   Artem Rostovtsev leads the group, which aims to celebrate the birth ...

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Summit! We congratulate Alexander Tokarev and Alexey Korotkov with the successful ascent of Kilimanjaro

19/09/2016 22:03

September 15th,  at 8 hours 30 minutes our heroic men were standing on the highest point of the African continent. We congratulate Alexander Tokarev and Alexey Korotkov on this achievement! We wish them new heights and new victories!        

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Summit! Ben Cranwell and Heleen Laurisson climbed Kilimanjaro

15/09/2016 22:07

Ben Cranwell and Heleen Laurisson stood on top of Mount Kilimanjaro on 13 September.  They climbed to the top together, accompanied by the local team.   Now they are still in Tanzania, ready to fly home.  Already, Ben and Helen make plans for the following ascents.   The list of ...

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Photos from the winter ascent on Kilimanjaro by Artem Rostovtsev

14/07/2016 20:58

Mount Kilimanjaro is located in the Southern Hemisphere, although very close to the equator. Formally, now there is winter here, although in these places from the summer it is not too different. So - greetings to you from winter from Artem Rostovtsev! He ran with a group of the top and down so fast ...

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SUMMIT! Artem Rostovtsev with the group successfully climbed Kilimanjaro. As usual, at a rapid pace.

12/07/2016 08:32

Hi, Seven Summits! It is Artem Rostovtsev. We are now in the Barafu camp. At the moment we have dawn, we admire them. We have not overslept, woke up on time and  already went to the summit and come down. It was very easy to go. We decided that the slow pace even begin to ruin us in high ...

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Photos of Kilimanjaro and recommendations on the ascent of Philip Yalovega

28/06/2016 17:24

They were a group of 5-people, including a child of 13 years, successfully climbed the highest peak in Africa. It was not easy, but they have coped! Congratulations guys with their first summit and wish continued climbing.    Comments and farewell climbers followed by Philippe Yalovega. ...

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News and photos from Kilimanjaro. The climb of Alexander Susyan and start a new group

16/06/2016 20:52

The program with Alexander Susyan ended by a successful ascent on Kilimanjaro. June 11th , Alexander was standing on the roof of Africa. Our congratulations!      And today we have sent to Africa, a new group of Philip Yalovega and his friends:  Eugene  Yediny  with ...

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Kilimanjaro on May. Some photos

12/05/2016 13:46

A group of 5 people for holidays in May (1-7 May 2016), climbed to the top, and then they decided together to go on a safari. Participants: Maxim Novikov, Andrei Zakharov, Bondar Denis, Kuznetsov Denis, Balakin Alex.                    

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SUMMIT! Our group climbed up to the top of Mount Kilimanjaro, in spite of the rainy season

05/05/2016 14:08

We have just received a message from Tanzania that today our group (five people) was  at the highest peak in Africa - Kilimanjaro! Our congratulations ! We hope that in everything will be fine at a descent.  

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SUMMIT! Alexander Samsonov, Mikhail and Marina Mendoza-Blandons climbed Mount Kilimanjaro

28/03/2016 14:00

A group of the  7 Summits Club: Alexander Samsonov, Mikhail and Marina Mendoza-Blandons - successfully climbed the highest point in Africa, Uhuru Peak on the Mount Kilimanjaro. Everything is fine! Now they are down to the Millennium intermediate camp for the overnight, tomorrow they ...

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A Group of Artem Rostovtsev has gone down from Mount Kilimanjaro for further adventures

11/03/2016 18:08

Hi, Seven Summits! It is Artem Rostovtsev, now not from  Kilimanjaro, but simply from Tanzania, Tanzania flat. We have successfully come down from the mountain. Now we are enjoying the good weather at the bottom of mountains. There was no rain, all are surprised that we got wet every day. But ...

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SUMMIT! Artem Rostovtsev with the group successfully climbed the top of Kilimanjaro

10/03/2016 15:51

  Hi, Seven Summits! It is Artem Rostovtsev to Kilimanjaro. Our group  goes according to the plan, to be exact - everything is on schedule. In the plan we had no rain, but, unfortunately, every day watering. And now ... the droplets of rain on umbrella. Well, according to the schedule, ...

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Artem Rostovtsev with a new team started to a new Kilimanjaro climb

06/03/2016 14:38

Seven Summits, greetings from Africa! It is  Artem Rostovtsev, from slopes of Kilimanjaro. Yesterday we began the ascent via route Lemosho and reached the first camp. We met there a lot of black-and-white colabuses. Even today, they saw us off. Now we are moving in the direction of the Shira ...

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Large photographic report of Valery Lavrus about climbing Kilimanjaro

03/03/2016 04:56

Marang Route 22-29 FEBRUARY 2016. Valery Lavrus made an ascent to the summit of Kilimanjaro with Juliana Morozova. We thank him for the detailed photographic report!                                       ...

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Our people on the competition "Kilimanjaro Marathon". Photos

29/02/2016 11:02

  "Kilimanjaro Marathon" took place on February 28 in the Tanzanian town of Moshi in the 14 th time. This time it was attended by about 10 thousand people. Of these, about one thousand were foreigners (from 44 countries). Probably for the first time among them there were representatives of ...

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Artem Rostovtsev: we are in Moshi, now you can congratulate us! PHOTOS

25/02/2016 22:10

Hi, Seven Summits Club! It is Artem Rostovtsev. We descended into the valley from Mount Kilimanjaro, we are in the town of Moshi. We went down a few hours ago, and all people brought himself up. And, in general, now you can congratulate us on the successful ascent! Tomorrow a part  of us goes ...

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SUMMIT! The team of Artem Rostovtsev climbed Mount Kilimanjaro

24/02/2016 10:29

Hi, Seven Summits! It is Artem Rostovtsev from Kilimanjaro slopes. We have again a strong north wind from the equator today. We went out at night on the ascent to the "roof of Africa", and at 7-40 a.m. we were at the top. Unfortunately, one participant was forced to withdraw yesterday. We sent him ...

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Artem Rostovtsev from the Shira Camp 2 on the route Lemosho, Kilimanjaro: sitting in the clouds, it's okay ...

20/02/2016 15:50

Hi, Seven Summits! It is Artem Rostovtsev from Kilimanjaro slopes. Yesterday, our group started to move along the route Lemosho. We quickly came to Shira 1 camp. Today we went to the camp Shira-2 and are sitting here in the clouds. We're attracted to our trip Sergey Dolya, it is a well-known ...

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