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Ojos del Salado 2016


Ziyabidin Gadzhimirzaev. EXPEDITION TO Ojos del Salado. RHOTOS

16/02/2016 10:06

Article in Russian ... As a result, I was not able to reach the top missing a couple of hundred meters.. I did everything I could, and even more. I resisted to the last, and climbed higher and higher. But, alas! In the end, leaving only the desire and the will, but no forces. I could not take a ...

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A large collection of photos from the expedition on Ojos del Salado

07/02/2016 07:46

January, 28th  a team of the 7 Summits Club climbed to the top of the highest volcano in the world, Mount Ojos del Salado. Under the leadership of the president of the Club Alexander Abramov peaks was reached by Dmitry Ginkulov, Oleg Pimenov, Irena Kharazova ... Unfortunately, several members ...

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SUMMIT!!! Alexander Abramov sends information directly from the top of Ojos del Salado

28/01/2016 23:08

  Hurrah !!! Our team is at the top of Ojos del Salado! Alex Abramov, Dmitry Ginkulov, Oleg Pimenov, Irena Kharazova ... Three our members for various reasons have not reached the top. But the weather ... the wind blows constantly. We managed to find a window in the weather, we were in doubt a ...

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The team climbed to the assault camp on Ojos, tomorrow a summit bid

28/01/2016 03:19

Hello! This is Alexander Abramov with a report from the highest camp on the summit of Ojos del Salado. The altitude is about 5800 meters. Now we went up to a height of almost 6000 meters. For acclimatization. Wind has not as strong as yesterday. We plan to start at five o'clock in the morning to ...

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The team spent a heavy night at the altitude of 5800 meters, it is very important for acclimatization

25/01/2016 22:26

Hello! Alexander Abramov, from the expedition to the summit of Ojos del Salado ... Today there was a hard night full of hallucinations ... that we looked at night ... Due to the fact that there is little oxygen in the air, of course, few people slept. All tossed. Acclimatization was in full swing ...

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Expedition on Ojos del Salado: The team climbed to the refuge Tejos, strong winds, but the mood is excellent

25/01/2016 06:28

  Alex Abramov: Hello! Our team is now in the camp Tejos, at an altitude of 5800 meters. Here we come to the very strong wind. The actual wind at the top, according to the forecast, more than 100 kilometers per hour. We on the trail, I think it was 50-60 . Also on the way we broke one car and ...

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Alexander Abramov from the camp of Laguna Verde at the foot of Ojos del Salado

21/01/2016 17:13

Hello! This is Alex Abramov from Chile. Yesterday, our team moved from Laguna Rosa at Laguna Verde. This "Green Lake", a very beautiful, which is among the blue, orange and green hills of the Atacama. The height of 4300 meters. All members of our team feel good. Not surprisingly, because we have ...

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Alexander Abramov: briefly about how I had a birthday

17/01/2016 09:52

Hello! It says Alex Abramov from Copiapo. Tomorrow, January 17, there will be the official opening of our expedition to the Ojos del Salado. Today we celebrate the birthday of our beloved captain of the 7 Summits Club, that is me. We (me, Lena Abramova and tour guide Mario) dined, swam, then met ...

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Alex Abramov in Chile in Copiapo is preparing to launch an expedition to Ojos

16/01/2016 08:38

Hello! This is Alex Abramov… wanted to say ... from Antarctica ... no, now - from the Atacama Desert. I am sitting at the table with Elena Abramova (daughter), here she is a manager of Nutrition of our expedition to Ojos del Salado. We celebrate my birthday. So we are beginning our new ...

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