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Crimea 2016

Team of the Club 7 Summits in most dignified manner completed the Big autumn Crimean trip!

10/10/2016 00:12

On the final day the Crimea graced us with sunny weather. We went to the Squirrel rocks. It turned out that it is very close to the main highway. With the help of our magnificent Crimean guides we received the necessary emotions and specific physical activity, typical for rock climbing. Thank you ...

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The most extreme day of Mountai school in the Crimea! MANY PHOTOS

08/10/2016 23:39

Natalia Kartashova, guide of the 7 Summits Club: greetings from the Mountain school of the Crimea! Today we have had a very extreme day. We are all big, cool gang cope with a terrible storm and the rain. We got through it and now safely descend on ropes through Miskhorsky caves. These are great, ...

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Natalia Kartashova from Crimea: Today was a debut, the first time we were training on a new rocks Belichiy (squirrel)

02/10/2016 23:58

Hello from the Crimea! It  is Kartashov Natalia, a guide of the Mountain School. Today, we have completed our program with Ginkulovs family. They left, all very satisfied. Yesterday we went to a small cave on the Koshka mountain, and enjoyed it very much.  We are working today on the ...

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Natalia Kartashova from the Crimea: Mountain School in Crimea in the beginning of the autumn session

30/09/2016 15:03

Greetings from the Crimean Mountain School! Dima Ginkulov with two lovely daughters trains on the rock "Wings of a swan." Weather – super, girls mastered 5c routes. The two learned to knit and to belay a bowline. Currently Dima is swimming in already bracing sea, and I watched him out of the ...

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Mountain School of the 7 Summits Club in Crimea. Everything was amazing!

24/04/2016 19:47

Within three days the Mountain  School  of  the 7 Summits Club worked in the Crimea. According to the program, participants were first  at training sessions on the rocks. Then they made two multipich climbing route, and on the last day they visited a cave called Stavri-kaya. The ...

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The program of the family group in the warm Crimea is completed

13/04/2016 22:00

  Natalia Kartashova (a guide of the 7 Summits Club):  Greetings from the warm Crimea, again! Today there was the second day of work with our guests. Sonia Efremova became the main heroine, she worked until the end of it - a fighter. She fights to the last, not afraid. Today she had an ...

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The Group completed the program in Crimea: everyone is happy, everyone wants to come again

09/03/2016 15:32

Natalia Kartashova, a guide of the 7 Summits Club: Mountain School of the 7 Summits Club in Crimea just has completed its work. As promised, the program turned out to be quite eventful, diverse. Guests from Moscow discovered a new kind of activity: caving. In the cave people saw all kinds of ...

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Natalia Kartashova on the second day of the group in the Crimea: today we climbed multipitch

06/03/2016 22:57

Hello from the warm Crimea! Although today it was colder than yesterday. We were now climbing with our clients, Alina and Vova. Climbing in the Valley Uch-kosh by a route, made by order of 7 Summits Club, one of our routes. It's a difficult, vertical ascent. All people have been great. Everything ...

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