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North Pole 2016

Journey to the North Pole in the photographs of Vasily Shakhnovsky

25/04/2016 17:57

Not so long ago Vasily Shakhnovsky with Alexander Abramov  visited  the South Pole. And now he and his family  were already at the North Pole - in the group of Olga Rumyantseva as a guide ... Congratulations! And thanks for providing photos for publication ...       ...

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Our team reached the North Pole!

18/04/2016 00:53

Our group led by a guide of the 7 Summits Club  Nastya Kuznetsova finally reached the North Pole !!! We have been waiting for this for about two weeks. The Barneo runway was cracked three times, the planes were not given permission to take off. But everything is behind - the goal is reached! ...

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Anastasia Kuznetsova in Svalbard joined the company waiting news from Borneo ...

11/04/2016 21:43

  Last night, almost simultaneously with the group, flying in the Himalayas, Anastasia Kuznetsova went on a long journey. In the morning she joined a large group of tourists who had gathered in the capital town of Longyearbyen in Svalbard, in anticipation of the start of flights to Barneo ...

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In the northerly direction still there is delay. Because of it, Alex Abramov will not fly to the Pole

06/04/2016 14:08

Unfortunately, when everything seemed ready for the beginning of the charter chains from Svalbard to Barneo,  ice shifts came there. And the ice platform, on which runway was built, was spited   Here's how it looked:     Our workers had to find quickly a new ice platform and ...

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NEWS BARNEO (NORTH POLE) EXPEDITION-2016. The first flight on the ice camp is made

04/04/2016 07:17

The ice airdrome Barneo is open. April 3th in the morning , the first group from Barneo ice camp reported on the readiness of the ice runway for the reception a plane from Longyearbyen. On the morning the An-74 with the expedition team on board flew to Barneo. The plane succefully landed on the ice ...

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The place for the Barneo ice camp is found!

27/03/2016 09:55

The 7 Summits Club this year will send two groups of the North Pole (Last degree). Alexander Abramov will lead  the first group, the second - Anastasia Kuznetsova.  ATTENTION! Important news. Our explorers have determined the ice floe on which the Barneo camp to be built. That's it, ...

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