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Elbrus 2016

Photo by Andrey Berezin from autumn climbing Elbrus

16/09/2016 22:44

Team of Andrey Berezin by sunny, but windy weather, successfully reached the summit of Mount Elbrus. That these are autumn climbing. Congratulations to the brave participants and  valiant guides! It was the ending of a large climbing season on Mount Elbrus.          

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SUMMIT! September 11th a girl group of Sergei Semykin climbed Elbrus

12/09/2016 11:19

Sergey Semykin: September 11th members, courageous girls, from a group of Sergei Semykin climbed Elbrus. Many thanks to Pavel who was the second guide!      

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SUMMIT! Group guided by Andrey Berezin conquered Mount Elbrus

08/09/2016 15:16

Group of Andrey Berezin named "Seven climbers and a Girl" made a successful ascent to the highest peak of Russia Mount Elbrus. Everything went well, they were lucky with the weather too. Photos turned out great. Our congratulations!                

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Summit! Chinese group with our guide Sergey Avtomonov climbed to the top of Mount Elbrus

02/09/2016 20:50

It is Avtomonov Sergei. Today I and a group from China went up to the Western peak of Elbrus. The ascent took place in ideal weather conditions. Great, very warm, excellent visibility. We have made more than one hundred photographs. Our friends enjoyed it, all members of the group are satisfied, ...

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SUMMIT! Andrey Berezin and an Australian named Kostya climbed Mount Elbrus

30/08/2016 21:16

Andrey Berezin: I and  Kostya, we climbed Mount Elbrus, Western Peak. Kostya – Ironman, he need not moch time for acclimatization. The weather was nasty … Also some fumaroles opened, we inhale vapors of sulfur, all the time we wanted to sleep. At the top the wind was about 60 ...

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At the end of the summer full group of Vladimir Kotlyar climbed Elbrus

25/08/2016 15:35

Hello, everyone! It says Vladimir Kotlyar with my closing the summer season group, Climb Elbrus program.  The Group named SHKID Republic in full successfully climbed Mount Elbrus. Some participants even climbed two peaks. And without the help of snowcat – it is Anna and Edgar. Thanks to ...

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SUMMIT! All Group is resting before summit assault, but the two climbers had already did it

24/08/2016 19:02

Hello! Here  Vladimir Kotlyar and the group "Respublika SHKID". Yesterday we all went together to the Pastukhov Rocks. At night, two people: an American Tom Biksler and our Ecuadorian friend guide Edgar Parra made the ascent to the Western Peak of Mount Elbrus.  This was possible because ...

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Alex Abramov and Mingma Gelu came to the Caucasus

23/08/2016 06:37

The 7 Summits Club  President  Alexander Abramov President and CEO Seven Summits Adventures (Nepal) Mingma Gelu arrived in Terskol on an official working visit. In the first days there were numerous friendly meetings and a walk to the waterfall “Girlish braid”...     ...

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Summit! Group of Andrey Berezin conquered Mount Elbrus

19/08/2016 21:54

Hello! Here is a guide  of the Seven Summits Club Andrey Berezin. Today our group climbed to the top of Mount Elbrus. The weather was beautiful, as pilots say, "a million to a million." At the summit we were at 8 am. On this day, a huge number of people have been here. We can say it was a ...

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Vladimir Kotlyar and Ignatiev family: we climbed the Eastern peak of Elbrus!

19/08/2016 18:57

Hello, everyone! It is  Vladimir Kotlyar, climbing Elbrus program. Today we climbed to the top of the Eastern Elbrus, with the couple of Ignatievs. The weather was great, everything was great. There was a light frost. We did not took off our warm down jackets until  turned back down from ...

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Vladimir Kotlyar and family Ignatiev: acclimatization to Pastukhov's Rocks

17/08/2016 20:54

 Hello, everyone! Here Vladimir Kotlyar, climbing Elbrus.  I am here with a couple of Ignatievs. We made two acclimatization outings:  on the Pastukhov Rocks and up to an altitude of five thousand. Now we are down to Terskol, to rest and wait for a weather window. Here we are ...

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Group of Andrey Berezin: our acclimatization continues on Elbrus

16/08/2016 15:38

Hello! It is Andrey Berezin, a guide of the Seven Summits Club, reports from Elbrus. Yesterday, our group got to the shelter Leaprus. We immediately went to the snow-classes, worked self-arresting,  using an ice ax. Then we went up a steep slope, traverse slopes - practiced working with a ...

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Summit !!! Abu Zhurtabaev and a group of company Elektrokomplekt climbed to the top of Elbrus

14/08/2016 05:41

A Guide of the  7 Summits Club Abu Zhurtabaev: a group from Kazakhstan – expedition of the  company Elektrokomplekt, in honor of the 20th anniversary of the company. August 13th  they successfully climbed (9 out of 11 person)  on the Westernsummit  of Elbrus. The ...

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Summit! Group of Andrey Berezin climbed the summit of Elbrus

12/08/2016 22:22

Hello! This is  a of guide Seven Summits on Elbrus Andrey Berezin. Today we climbed the summit. Our whole team has climbed to the western peak of Elbrus, 5642 meters. The weather was beautiful today. The previous days were thunderous. Today, on the slopes of Elbrus there was about 350 people. ...

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Summit! An international team climbed Mount Elbrus

04/08/2016 21:25

Hello! It speaks Andrey Berezin a guide of the  Seven Summits Club. Today our group climbed to the top of Mount Elbrus. Ascent time: at 6:30 am we were on the top. A team of 9 people (3 persons from South Africa) and three guides reached the summit. The weather was surprisingly good, we caught ...

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Summit! Vladimir Kotlyar with the group reached the top

03/08/2016 20:46

Hello everyone! There is a  guide of the P.-Cult-Ura group Vladimir Kotlyar. Today we went to the top, the weather was excellent. All together went down later. And now we are in Terskol and will celebrate this thing ...          

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The international team of Andree Berezin is at the LeapRus refuge. Many photos

01/08/2016 23:17

Hello! Here is a  guide of Seven Summits Andrei Berezin from Elbrus. Today our group climbed to the refuge. We went on a snowy training,  climbed to 4200.  It was sunny in the morning, clear. By the afternoon storm started and we are the last part of the way to the shelter fled ...

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Vladimir Kotlyar lead an acclimatization outings with a group of Phys-Cult-Ura

31/07/2016 21:23

Today, the group has made acclimatization outing to shelter Eleven. But they decided to walk a little taller, approached the stele Airborne troops of Russia, which is set in 2010 in honor of its 80th anniversary. Yesterday, the group was on the acclimatization to the Observatory...     ...

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SUMMIT! Two members of the Sergei Semykin team successfully reached the top of Mount Elbrus

30/07/2016 18:17

 Today two members of the group of Sergei Semykin  climbed Mount Elbrus. Everything was good, they had already descended. One participant refused to go climbing, that is, he showed wisdom. In the evening, the climbers were awarded certificates of climbing ... ..       ...

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Summit! Group of Andrey Berezin was on the top at 7:30 in the morning! Now all having rest at the valley

29/07/2016 12:55

Hello! Here is a guide the 7 Summits Andrey Berezin from Elbrus. Today,  all members of our group climbed to the top of Mount Elbrus. The weather was beautiful today, which made the ascent doubly enjoyable. We saw great views from the top of Mount Elbrus all around. We climbed to the top at ...

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