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Mont Blanc 2016


SUMMIT !!! Vadim Vokryachko and Maxim Foygel climbed Mont Blanc

04/09/2016 21:39

Today at 8:20 am local time, in spite of the bad weather and strong winds, Vadim Vokryachko and Maxim Foygel climbed the highest peak of the Alps, Mont Blanc. Our congratulations!        

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Photo of Artem Rostovtsev: climbing Mont Blanc

01/09/2016 23:20

Artem Rostovtsev, a guide of the 7 Summits Club: August 31th.  We say farewell to the summer-2016 by climbing  Mont Blanc.  We made about 5,000  sidesteps up and  even more going down, twice .. It was excellent climb and real joy...!           ...

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Summit! Roman Gorodyshchensky of yesterday's ascent of Mont Blanc with Catherine Kalabukhova

01/09/2016 21:00

Roman Gorodyshchensky, the 7 Summits Club guide: We came out of the hut Gouter at 3:40, walked slowly, it was cold, I think it was cold about -5, -8. The mountains around were covered with clouds. With the rise some of the group turned back. At the hut of Vallo (4300) I had to warm the feet to the ...

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Summit! Two groups of 7 Summits Club climbed Mont Blanc

31/08/2016 19:12

Artem Rostovtsev, Alexander and Dmitry Tertychnyi successfully climbed Mont Blanc, at eight o'clock in the morning. The was a fog, but very occasionally. Otherwise, the weather is amazing. Later Yegor's group also reached the top. Our congratulations!             ...

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At the 7 Summits Club again we have a great start in the Alps: 4 groups immediately !!!

29/08/2016 20:32

 Today we begin work immediately  with 4 groups in Europe. Participants of the three groups will undertake an attempt to climb  the summit of Mont Blanc. Members of the first group (Egor as a guide) are going to celebrate the birthday of his friend, Andrey Prudnikov, on the  top ...

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Maxim Foygel: report on the first day of the program in the Alps. PHOTO

19/08/2016 20:31

Maxim Foygel, a guide of  a group of the 7 Summits Club, from Chamonix: Today, on the excellent weather we climbed on the rocks and warmed up on the via ferrata. We remembered the technique of belay, worked on rappels. In general, we have worked with all the heart ....       ...

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Summit. Mont Blanc was climbed by our mountaineers

04/08/2016 22:23

Kaliningrad boys Alexander and Yuri successfully reached the summit of Mont Blanc. Our congratulations! This success was possible through responsive leadership of our guide.        

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New arrivals in the Alps: Mont Blanc and Matterhorn

29/07/2016 18:45

Today, 29 July, the 7 Summits Club starts  new alpine programs for the two groups. The first group plans to climb Mont Blanc. Today, they meet with their guide and start working on the standard program. Guys came by car from Kaliningrad to conquer the highest summit of Western Europe.   ...

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SUMMIT. Our group climbed Mont Blanc

24/07/2016 21:42

Lenar Khairutdinov and Albert Karimov successfully climbed the highest peak in the Alps. To reach Mont Blanc was not easy, after prolonged bad weather  there was a lot of snow and very few people. Our congratulations! New heights, new victories!          

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Today Mont Blanc was closed, the group will try again tomorrow

23/07/2016 23:53

Our group on Mont Blanc acclimatized today near the Refuge de Gouter. Lenar Khairutdinov and Albert Karimov quite reasonably decided not to undertake the ascent attempt in the absence of visibility. They just walked around the neighborhood a mountain hut that always contributes to a better ...

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A Photo from the summit of Mont Blanc from Yegor Dulnev

12/07/2016 00:37

They climbed the highest peak in the Alps. Weather conditions in the area of Mont Blanc summit were not the most favorable. This all can be seen in photos from the top that was sent us by guide of the 7 Summits Club Yegor Dulnev ...          

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A team of Yegor Dulnev successfully reached the summit of Mont Blanc. Congratulations!

27/06/2016 22:57

Last Saturday, 25 June  the 7 Summits Club opened the season in the Alps. We sent two groups and the project manager of "Climbing in the Alps" Galina Rossova to climb Mont Blanc. On Monday the Club tour guide Egor Dulnev passed the information that the ascent was committed. Unfortunately, his ...

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