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Matterhorn 2016

SUMMIT! Dmitry Ginkulov and Egor Dulnev successfully climbed the Matterhorn

11/09/2016 18:44

Today our  climbers Dmitry Ginkulov and Egor Dulnev successfully reached the summit of the Matterhorn. And they could safely descend to the hut Hrnli, to the beginning of the route ...  

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Alex Abramov and Co inspecting Rifelhorn cliffs, standard training before the climb on Matterhorn

09/09/2016 08:03

  Alex Abramov,  Maxim Foygel and friends practiced today on the rocks of mount Rifelhorn near Zermatt. Excellent weather has allowed to receive real pleasure of climbing.                        

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Double congratulations! Makar German on his birthday climbed the Matterhorn!

04/09/2016 21:12

 Today Makar German and a guide the 7 Summits Club Egor made perfect climb to the summit of the Matterhorn. They climbed quickly enough, so have time to go down to take the Schwarzsee cable car up to the closing. This gift has made by Makar in his own birthday! Our congratulations!   ...

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Congratulations Andrey Kartushin with the Matterhorn!

26/08/2016 21:21

Another member of the 7 Summits Club realized his dream. Andrey Kartushin successfully reached the summit of the Matterhorn! Of course, thanks to the help of our superb guide. Our congratulations!    

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Ludmila Korobeshko at the top of the Matterhorn!

09/08/2016 07:31

A dream fulfilled: Ludmila Korobeshko  with Alexander Lastochkin  climbed  Mount Matterhorn!    

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A good news from Zermatt: there is the first our ascent on Matterhorn of the season

27/07/2016 22:00

The first of the season successful climbing the 7 Summits Club on Matterhorn. Some photos on the topic. Yesterday Irina Podgornova with a guide climbed to the "mountain of mountains", the legendary Matterhorn. Now we can enjoy a few pictures from the climb. We will wait for a detailed report! ...

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Trying to climb the Matterhorn failed

22/07/2016 16:22

  The team of the 7 Summits Club was halfway on the Hoernli crest. In  the weather like this, you have no chance to climb to the top. The weather does not permit, the mountain will not let.  The group climbed in extreme weather conditions. Strong winds, heavy rainfall, the top is ...

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Group of climbers on the Matterhorn climbed the hut for Hoernli, assault camp ...

21/07/2016 16:53

Today, a group of 7 Summits Club came by cable car and on foot from Zermatt to the hut Hoernli. There, they were placed in a new, capitally reconstructed in the past year,  mountain hut. They will spend a disturbing evening and the night. The weather is changeable, but there is no time to ...

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A new group came to the Alps for climbing the Matterhorn

18/07/2016 19:43

On the first day after their arrival, the group entered for the ice training on the glacier Mer de Glace. The weather was beautiful, everything was great. 2-3 serene day may be enough to ensure that the route of the Matterhorn came into a state suitable for climbing. The first attempt of our group ...

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