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Cho-Oyu 2016

Cho Oyu (8201 m) is the sixth highest mountain in the world, located a short distance to the west from Everest in the Khumbu region of Eastern Nepal along the Tibetan border. There's no really ... read more »

Valery Rozov: A new world record for the Russian legend

25/10/2016 06:31

There are people who like the comfort of their living room – and then there are people who just can't help but break world records, over and over again. Skydiving and BASE-jump legend Valery Rozov definitely falls into the second category.   A new world record for the Russian legend ...

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PHOTOS FROM THE SUMMIT! The first group of our expedition descended successfully and are preparing for departure

01/10/2016 23:05

Sergey Larin, head of the expedition: So, on September 30th at 9 am 5 participants of the 7 Summits Club expedition were on the top of Mount Cho Oyu. "Turquoise Goddess" has taken the above-mentioned part of the team and almost let go. The composition of the group: Vasily Kernitsky, Dmitry ...

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Sergey Larin, from the summit of Cho Oyu: we are at the top, at the bottom we will be waiting for the congratulations!

30/09/2016 14:47

  Today the team of the Seven Summits Club - five Members and four Sherpas - at 9 am Nepal time stood on the top of Cho Oyu. Some of us are still standing. Now we begin the descent. Team: Sergey Larin, Dmitry Kuznetsov, Dmitry Smirnov, Zygmunt Berdychowski and Vasily Kernitsky. I hope I did ...

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Sergey Larin. A brief diary of the Cho Oyu expedition. PHOTO

27/09/2016 16:01

25 th and 26 th of September - rest days in the ABC camp. We showered, had classes on oxygen equipment. It turned out that we have selected a strong company in preference. September 27th. Out up to the C1 camp.                

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Sergey Larin. Diary of the expedition on Cho Oyu

24/09/2016 23:47

22.09. We went to the camp C1 (6400). In the morning there was a puja, a ceremony was held at ABC, we opened the camp and climbing program according the Buddhist tradition. The first day without snow. 23.09. Natalia Smirnova went to Lhasa, she has such a program. We are in C1. Weather forecast ...

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Photos from Dmitry Kuznetsov from Cho-Oyu

21/09/2016 00:37


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Sergey Larin: Short diary of the expedition on Cho Oyu

19/09/2016 11:21

  18.09. We went from the base camp for acclimatization, we scored 500 meters. 19.09.We collected our camp and prepared for moving loads in the Middle Camp and ABC camp. When weighed to give a total weight - 2.5 tons. Participants left by foot, the goods had to leave later on a truck. But the ...

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Diary of the expedition on Cho Oyu. 15-17 September

18/09/2016 05:25

Sergey Larin, leader of the expedition.  Diary of the expedition on Cho Oyu. 15.09 we arrived in Shigatse (3800), the second largest city in Tibet. We walked around the city and who wanted could buy  pillows. While there was not a single day without rain.  16.09. In the morning we ...

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Members of the expedition to Cho Oyu gathered in Kathmandu. Lhasa flight will be tomorrow ...

12/09/2016 12:00

Sergey Larin from Kathmandu: Preparations for the expedition to Cho Oyu continues. Finally, all participants gathered in Kathmandu. All luggage was delivered on time! Sherpa Team of 7 people today early in the morning went to Tibet with loads through Gyirong. Since the road through Zhangmu is still ...

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