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Carstensz Pyramid - 2016

Carstensz Pyramid - 2016. Expediton impressions. PHOTO-FILM

06/12/2016 05:35

The 7 Summits Club Expedition of the Pyramid of Carstens, the highest point in Australia was held from October 20 to November 6, 2016.  Leader Alexander Abramov. All memberss underwent a difficult trek through the jungles of New Guinea and then climbed to the top of the rocky route.   ...

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Irena Kharazova: Photos of the summit day

14/11/2016 19:30

 Please find some photos from our summit day. Carstenzs expedition 2016 led by Alex Abramov.                                                

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Certificates awarding and gala dinner is the happy ending of our expedition

04/11/2016 22:43

Our Indonesian partners are famous for their trademark technique - inscribed flags on top of the mountain and certificates. Therefore, the awarding   procedure can be regarded as the end of the expedition. Though it may be, we still have to go home. But  to leave heat in South-East ...

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Expedition to arstensz in the photographs of Alexander Abramov

02/11/2016 20:21

  Our team on the Pyramid Carstensz returned to the paradise island of Bali, to relax and to heal the wounds. Mission accomplished - passed through the jungle, met with the Papuans, climbed to the top. Now  we have memories and stories for a lifetime. But so far only photos:     ...

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Summit! Team 7 Summits Club successfully climbed Mount Pyramid of Carstensz. Congratulations to Irene with Seven Summits !!!

01/11/2016 14:18

Hello! This is Alexander Abramov, from the base camp of Carstensz Pyramid. Today, our team (all members) climbed to the top. We climbed in record time, 5 hours from base camp to the summit. We were very lucky with the weather. One of our members, all of you know, Irena Kharazova thus completing the ...

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Alexander Abramov from Papua: in the morning - good weather, evening birthday celebration- again in the rain

29/10/2016 17:49

Hello! This is Alexander Abramov from Papua Province, from the 7 Summits Club expedition to the Pyramid of Carstensz. This morning the weather was beautiful, which is very rare in these parts of the World. We were ready to start, but it turned out that the porters did not want to go. And they had a ...

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Report Alexander Abramov from Camp 3. All according to plan: the rains, then guerrillas ...

28/10/2016 20:49

Hello! Alexander Abramov from Papua. We are fine, all alive and healthy. Constantly pouring rain. We now come to the third camp, there is still a camp 4 and the base camp. Then we will climb up the mountain. One moment overshadowed today our travel. We were stopped by some local people with machine ...

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Alexander Abramov reports from the jungle of Papua: it is more adventures than we wanted, but the goal is getting closer

26/10/2016 20:08

Hello! There is Alexander Abramov, the Pyramid of Carstensz. Yesterday we finally went into these terrible, wet jungle and moved in it until evening in the pouring rain. Torrential rain it is a rain that just breaks through not only jackets or coats, but also tents, where we spend the night. Dirt, ...

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Alexander Abramov from the village Suanggama, consisting of 5 houses and standing at the beginning of the jungle

24/10/2016 16:57

Alex Abramov: Group took off from Timaka in Sugapa with a delay of 4 hours. In Sugapa we were waited for the crowd of Papuans with spears and bows. However, they met another plane, but we were impressed. 35 motoriders took us and our cargo and took up on a very bad road. Papuans three times stopped ...

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Alexander Abramov on the first (Bali) stage of the expedition on Karstens. PHOTOS

23/10/2016 14:50

Alexander Abramov, President of the 7 summits Club, a guide of the expedition: the 21st October, our team gradually gathered in a heavenly corner of the planet, which is called the island of Bali. This is probably one of the best places on Earth. Before hard work it is always required to relax. ...

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Alex Abramov flies to prepare a big expedition on Carstensz Pyramid

17/10/2016 22:33

Today, Alexander Abramov went to the Papuans. He is the guide of an expedition to the Pyramid Carstensz and President of the 7 Summits Club.   Alex started a few days earlier the entire group to thoroughly prepare for this difficult expedition.     And the rest of the participants ...

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