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Kazbek 2017

Summit!!! Father and son Maikovs made a successful ascent of Kazbek!

20/07/2017 14:56

Gennadiy Maikov with son Vladislav had reached the summit of Mount Kazbek and successfully went down.  A message from our Georgian guide Shota Komakhidze.  ... yesterday we went out at half past two, because first it was raining... We went out, in principle, by the time, everything is ...

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Our team on Kazbek Mountain. Good food, good mood

17/06/2017 16:11

Hi, friends! Here is Vladimir Kotlyar from Alexander Abramov phone. Today we had training with ice axes. The fighting spirit, in the night we are going to summit bid . Keep your fingers crossed and pray to the weather gods, they are capricious )))               ...

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Great photos by Vladimir Kotlyar from the Kazbek weather station

11/06/2017 05:35

Trio Logachev, Kotlyar and Plush Yeti are at the weather station Kazbek.  We  are acclimatizing  slowly. Fighting spirit, despite the thunderstorms.                      

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