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Kazbek 2017

SUMMIT! Eugene successfully climbed MT. KAZBEK. Congratulations!

13/09/2017 20:30

Beautiful woman Eugene climbed to the top of Mount Kazbek! And the 7 Summits Club closes season of summer ascents of 2017 in Georgia. Join us in 2018! We invite for winter ski touring and next summer on standard, proven program!            

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SUMMIT ! Sergei Motorin climbed Mount Kazbek with a group

25/08/2017 13:01

Sergei Motorin successfully reached the summit of Mount Kazbek. The second our climber Alfiya was forced to turn around before reaching the highest point. The weather was good only a short time, the group reached the summit in heavy fog. The descent was long. The group went down to the meteostation ...

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One girl from the 7 Summits Club climbed Mount Kazbek. PHOTOS

16/08/2017 19:08

One girl from the 7 Summits Club climbed Mount Kazbek            

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SUMMIT! Group of the 7 Summits Club climbed to the top of Kazbek

14/08/2017 22:37

Last week, a group of   the 7 Summits Club, consisting of three people, climbed to the top of Mount Kazbek. Congratulations and look forward to more photos!  

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Summit!!! The team of 7 summits Club climbed the Kazbek!

27/07/2017 13:33

A message from our guide Shota Komakhidze: The weather was good as seen on photos. Two climbers climbed to the top, the rest could not. For them the mountain was harder than they expected. ... And then they decided to go back down. Physically unable just...          

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Blitz climbing Mount Kazbek by the team of the 7 Summits Club

09/07/2017 11:24

Lyudmila Korobeshko: Yesterday we climbed Mount Kazbek. In the afternoon we flew by helicopter from Kazbegi. At one o'clock we began to move from a plateau 4500 and at about 5pm we were  on the top. All the climbers were slow due to strong winds. By 9 pm we went down to the meteorological ...

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Storm in the night storm broke the plans of climbers on Kazbek. Will there be a second attempt?

05/07/2017 23:24

Kazbek. Storm in the night storm broke the plans of climbers. Eight of nine participants decided to walk down to Kazbegi. One is left for a second attempt tonight. The remaining climber has already collected all seven of the highest peaks of all continents.             ...

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A new group of climbers on Mount Kazbek begun to acclimatization. PHOTOS

04/07/2017 13:35

A message from Shota, our tour guide in Georgia. Yesterday a group of the 7 Summits Club  went up to the meteostation. Now they go for acclimatization on the glacier. Aeroflot lost luggage of the members of the group, but found and sent things after. The guides took backpacks and in the ...

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SUMMIT! Our group climbed to the top of Mount Kazbek, a trip to Georgia ends. MANY PHOTOS

18/06/2017 23:38

Hello! Our stay in Georgia coming to an end. Today three members of the four climbed Mount Kazbek! Alex, Dimitri and Vladimir reached the summit at 9 am!!!  After the climb, the team immediately decided to go down to Stepancminda... It was a long day!             ...

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SUMMIT!!! Photos of successful climbing Mount Kazbek by Vladimir Kotlyar and Alexander Logachev

12/06/2017 20:24

Vladimir Kotlyar, a guide of  the 7 summits Club: We caught a weather window and climbed Mount Kazbek!                

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