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Lenin Peak 2017

The second group to Lenin peak. Gallery of photos

10/08/2017 22:18

The command of the second expedition of 7 summits Club climbed the Lenin Peak. Participants: Vladimir Belkovich, Alexander Utvenko, Alexander Sobolenko, Natalia Matusova and their guide Alexander Abramov. See the photos...   Fully gallery (45 photos)             ...

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Summit! Again on Lenin Peak, our ascents continue. New climbers: Dmitriy Khodak and Nadejda Usovich

10/08/2017 18:11

August 6th,  representatives of the 7 Summits Club Dmitry Khodak and NadejdaUsovich in the group company Aksay successfully climbed to the top of Lenin Peak. Congratulations! Season at Lenin Peak continues. Interest in this mountain this year has increased. With excellent service, our company ...

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SUMMIT! The second team is reached the top of peak Lenin! Alex Abramov the second time in the season

06/08/2017 19:03

  Hello! Abramov Alexander informs   directly from the summit   of Lenin peak. Second team of the 7 Summits Club climbed to the top. It   is Belkovich Vladimir, Sasha Utvenko, Sasha Sobolenko, Natasha Matusova and their guide Abramov Alexander. So.... Perfect weather, ...

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Alexander Abramov from the camp 4400 under Lenin peak: the second group is ready to leave for the summit

03/08/2017 00:33

  Just called Alexander Abramov from the camp 1 (4400) at the peak of Lenin. All six participants of the second group feel great and ready to start tomorrow to climb to camp 2. And then they will go to the peak Razdelnaya, to camp 3 and then to the summit. However, at the moment, there is ...

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SUMMIT!!! Alexander Abramov sends a message from the summit of Lenin peak!

27/07/2017 15:54

Hello,  7 Summits Club! Today, despite the strong wind, rainy weather, all our team members, namely the three guides and six members of the first group, climbed to the summit of Lenin Peak. It was very hard. To be honest, I didn't expect it would be so hard... But the team showed fantastic and ...

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The second group of the 7 Summit Club to Lenin peak met in the base camp a true heroic man

24/07/2017 23:31

Natalia Matusova wrote on Facebook: Lenin peak base camp (3800). Meet at the end of the table, just having down from the summit of Lenin peak and had 25 first ascent to this peak, Boris Korshunov. This veteran of nearly 82 years (born 31 August 1935), it is a unique 9-time "Snow leopard". At the ...

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Alexander Abramov from the camp 4400: Acclimatization goes according to plan, tomorrow an outing on the 5300

19/07/2017 19:28

Hello! Alexander Abramov from the expedition to Lenin peak, from the camp at 4400. Our whole team feels good. Tomorrow we are going to go to the camp at an altitude of 5300 meters. It will be the first real climbing day with crampons and ropes. Weather, frankly, is not good. Today is the first time ...

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The team of Alexander Abramov made his first climbing during the expedition to Lenin Peak

17/07/2017 22:52

In preparation for the expedition Everest – 2018, for acclimatization before climbing Lenin peak, our team made a "first ascent" at the peak Grekov, a height of 4000 meters. We named this peak in honor of our friend (Dmitry Grekov – head of the company AK-SAI). This is just gendarme in ...

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Great season for the 7 summits Club on Lenin Peak starts. Two groups will go under the leadership of Alexander Abramov personally

10/07/2017 18:05

So a season of climbing groups of the 7 summits Club on Lenin peak began. This Saturday four members of the first expedition arrived in Osh, they are now in the base camp and started to acclimatization. In total we will have 6 groups, two of them under the leadership of Alexander Abramov.   By ...

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