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Matterhorn 2017

Young climber Sasha (5 years!) with mom climbed Breithorn

24/09/2017 04:16

"Well, we have made the first step into the adult climbing. And though we are only 5 years old, my mother and I climbed to the top of the Breithorn, more than   four thousand meters. And there was a old man who led me on a rope. And even the flag of 7 summits Club was raised!   5-year-old ...

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Rehearsal of the ascent of the Matterhorn: a group climbed the crest Cosmique. Video

09/08/2017 20:33

Group Jan+Anton successfully climbed to the summit of Aiguille du Midi via the ridge   Cosmique. Rehearsal went quite smoothly. Although the route was in difficult comditions, the entire ridge had to go with crampons.          

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News from the Alps: started two new projects of the 7 Summits Club...

07/08/2017 16:39

Group of   the Mountain school of the 7 Summits Club began preparations for the ascent of Mont Blanc with lessons in the "rock lab."     And the couple Iana and Anton (the wedding was August 5) plan to climb the Matterhorn. The preparation for this ascent they began with ...

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