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Kilimanjaro 2018

Summit! Photos of Nikolai Belonogov from the successful ascent of the 7 Summits Club on Kilimanjaro

15/10/2018 14:57

Nikolai Belonogov from Sakhalin climbed Kilimanjaro in the team of the 7 Summits Club and stood at the peak of Freedom (Uhuru peak, 5 895 m) on October 7, 2018.  Congratulations to all members with the summit!  According to Nicholai, everything was fine and he regrets only one thing - ...

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SUMMIT! Group of the 7 Summits Club climbed Mount Kilimanjaro

10/10/2018 18:58

October 7, 2018 the group of 7 Summits Club was standing on the highest summit of Africa - Kilimanjaro.  The highest point of the array is called Uhuru Peak (5 895 m), which means the peak of Freedom.  Here are the latest photos from the slopes of Kilimanjaro from Irik Murgasov.   ...

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Photos from the ascent of the 7 Summits Club group on Kilimanjaro from Zorro!

28/09/2018 19:41

Zorro Avagyan climbed  the highest peak of Africa on September 26th as part of a large group that reached the goal.  And down the valley, the first thing he sent to the 7 Summits Club pictures from his trip. It's nice to see a good mood climbers ascended to this difficult peak, overcome ...

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Kilimanjaro: There is the summit! Got a medal!

21/07/2018 14:28

Father and son, Denis and Vasily Kozlenko, successfully climbed on the roof of Africa - Kilimanjaro volcano (5895 m). They are very happy. Now they say goodbye to a large team of porters and guides (their joined team was accompanied by about 47 people of the local team, see video).     ...

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SUMMIT! Introducing the first summer summiter on Kilimanjaro from the 7 Summits Club - Catherine Tabula

15/06/2018 16:09

Catherine Tabula climbed to the top of Kilimanjaro on 11 June 2018. She traveled the 7 Summits Club program, the so-called" short version", that is, on the route of Marangu. And she was the only member The weather during the assault was great! Not a cloud! The top of Kilimanjaro and the panorama ...

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Watch a great video with Kilimanjaro and join our groups

10/04/2018 16:29

Who hasn't been to Kilimanjaro yet? Who wants to repeat, climb another route?  There is an opportunity to join one of our groups.  Be inspired by the video from Irina Loginova about the ascent of their group on Kilimanjaro in New year holidays 2018 (3-11 January). Irina sent us a record ...

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Photos from climbing Kilimanjaro by a group called " the Unstoppable

31/03/2018 19:07

Artem Rostovtsev, guide of the 7 Summits Club:  Kilimanjaro. Team Unstoppable. Yesterday there was the top of mountain, and as it turned out - in the perfect weather window. Today there was a successful descent into civilization. One regret, our Japanese film crew was a little behind and had ...

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SUMMIT!!! The indomitable team of Artem Rostovtsev climbed to the top of Kilimanjaro ahead of the plan!

30/03/2018 16:45

Artem Rostovtsev from Tansania: Kilimanjaro. A Team named The indomitables. Yesterday we were to reach the camp of Karanga, but could not. To be more precise, we did not stop, as planned. We went higher to the camp of Barafu, the assault camp. One word - we are indomitable. No arguments worked, ...

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Kilimanjaro continues. The group of Artem Rostovtsev starts to the route. And photos from "Transformers group

26/03/2018 20:32

Today, the 7 Summits Club continued its series of expeditions on Kilimanjaro. A group led by our guide Artem Rostovtsev comes on the route of climbing to the highest peak of Africa.  And although the forecasts are not the most favorable (promise heavy rainfall every day), we do not lose ...

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We continue to publish photos of Sergei Shishkin: national parks and Zanzibar

21/03/2018 18:22

It is promised continuation. Two galleries of photos from Sergei Shishkin. So, Tanzania, the month of March. After quite a winter ascent to the top of Kilimanjaro, the group goes to visit dreamed from childhood African animals. And then, basking in the Sands of Zanzibar…    Photo ...

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270 + 52 excellent photos of climbing Kilimanjaro from Constantin Dyrgiallo

16/03/2018 20:19

Thanks to Constantin Dyrgiallo, who sent us a selection of photos illustrating the trip of his group on the Kilimanjaro! Excellent quality work! As we promised, we have published the main part of the photos in a separate gallery… Safari gallery (52 photos) See the full gallery here (270 ...

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Photo gallery from Mikhail Sandakov. And video Winter conditions on Kilimanjaro in March

13/03/2018 19:32

Mikhail Sandakov and his group made an ascent to the top of Kilimanjaro on March 7th  this year. After returning home, he sent us a large selection of photos, for which we express our gratitude!   Full photo gallery: 110 photos and 3 videos…   Video by Alexey Gribkov   ...

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Summit! Kilimanjaro goes on vacation. The story of the adventures of the final group of the season. Photos and videos

12/03/2018 20:12

A group of 5 people climbed Kilimanjaro on March 7, 2018. The entire journey lasted from 3 to 9 March. The team members reached the top in the conditions of heavy snowfall, not typical for this time and the region. But they did it and the difficulty only united the group!  CONGRATULATIONS!!! ...

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Photo and video greetings from our teams returning from Kilimanjaro

07/03/2018 06:24

Here are photos from our international group (members gathered from Russia, Turkey, Latvia), which managed to climb to the top almost in full  stuff to the top (Uhuru peak, 5,895 m).   Photos by Igor Kharkiv...               Further photos from Alice ...

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And This is Africa, my friend!!! The unprecedented snowfall on Kilimanjaro! Unique photos and videos!

06/03/2018 19:15

Unprecedented for March, the big snow can be not only in Moscow!  Groups of the 7 Summits Club were in the similar situation on Kilimanjaro. In cold conditions and zero visibility our members and guides tried to get to Uhuru peak. But not everyone succeeded! Someone managed to climb to the top ...

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Photos of Mikhail Nitishinsky from climbing Kilimanjaro

06/03/2018 16:01

The 7 Summits Club thanks Mikhail Netishinsky for the great selection of quality pictures that he sent us in return from Kilimanjaro!  And for the original slide show. Mikhail visited Tanzania in early February this year, climbed to the top of Mount Kilimanjaro and visited national parks, ...

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Nastya Kuznetsova about some results of the season on Kilimanjaro. The medals are for all climbers! PHOTOS

02/03/2018 22:06

Nastya Kuznetsova, guide and Manager of Club 7 Vershin: News from Tanzania, from the group of Nikolai Sokolov.  And some more information on the end of the season on Kilimanjaro.  Yesterday on March 1th Nikolay Sokolov's group went down from the mountain and returned to civilization where ...

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Summit! The team of Nikolay Sokolov climbed Mount Kilimanjaro

28/02/2018 18:25

A message from Nikolai Sokolov. February 28th, 10: 16. Nikolay Sokolov's team has climbed today to the highest peak of Africa, UHURU peak (5,895 m), all together, and they are now on the descent. Part of the group has already returned to the base camp of Barafu, some still on the way. After 3 ...

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One by one our groups climbed Mount Kilimanjaro

26/02/2018 18:33

Five groups of the 7 Summits Club went to Africa a few days ago. And so we got the first reports of success on Kilimanjaro.  21 Feb Tolkunova Yuliya and Tatyana Osharova successfully summited the highest peak in Africa Kilimanjaro along the shortest and sports route - Marangu at 5 days.   ...

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Elena Mitrofanova: Climbing Kilimanjaro or the New year on-African

22/02/2018 10:51

Elena Mitrofanova was climbing Kilimanjaro in a team with Valentin Mamrak and Mary Zisman in the new year period and at the beginning of 2018. On her Facebook page, she published a small report, in the form of diary entries and individual notes. She also has published a collection of beautiful ...

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