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Mexica 2018

SUMMIT! Mikhail Kornev and Sergey Larin has successfully climbed Orizaba

27/02/2018 13:51

Sergey Larin, guide of The 7 Summits Club from Mexico: Hello! Today 26.02, as it was written in the program, at 13:30, Miguel, Sergio and Julio were on the top of Orizaba. At 22:00 we arrived back toSiapan. Details later, as I want to sleep (we went out to the mountain at 1 a.m.)     ...

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The first summit is La Malinche, for acclimatization. Photos

24/02/2018 07:29

Sergey Larin, a guide of  the 7 Summits Club from Mexico, the third Day. 23.02. Acclimatization ascent to the top of  La Malinche, 4450 m. We left the shelter at 3000 m in 7 a.m., after 6 hours we were at the top. Local guide Julio accompanied us. And also a dog who earned a sandwich for ...

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New expedition to Orizaba found traces of the October revolution in Mexico city. Photos

22/02/2018 19:23

Sergey Larin, guide of 7 summits Club: Hello, 7 summits! The journey on Orizaba began for our small group of 2 persons.  Mikhail Kornev and me, Sergey Larin – as a guide. Day the first, 21.02. The beginning of travel. Arrival of the party in Mexico city (the altitude of the city is 2250 ...

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SUMMIT! Our group has successfully climbed Mount Orizaba

11/01/2018 20:30

Nastya Kuznetsova, guide of 7 summits Club:   Yesterday, 10th of January, a group of 7 Summits Club (Pasha and Victor) stood on the summit of the highest volcano in North America and part of the roof of Mexico, peak of Orizaba (5700 m). All the participants are alive, healthy and happy. ...

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The second group in Mexico: Acclimatization on La Malinche

08/01/2018 22:55

Nastya Kuznetsova, guide of the 7 Summits Club: It was a beautiful day with great weather. We made an acclimatization ascent to the top of La Malinche from the height of 3100 m to 4450 m. Today, it has opened to us the three of fives (three volcanoes of Mexico with a height of over 5000 m) Orizaba ...

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Summit! Good weather accompanied our group in a difficult climbing of Orizaba

04/01/2018 06:33

Nastya Kuznetsova, guide of the 7 Summits Club: news from Mexico. Today was the key day of our entire program - day assault on the highest volcano of North America, the peak of Orizaba. Today, January 3, our heroes are Vlad Moroz and Georgi Kuzmin who stood on the top. The support group has reached ...

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