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Crimea 2018

Three groups of the 7 Summits Club visited Crimean rocks this weekend

22/07/2018 20:36

Natalya Kartashova, guide and head of Crimean 7 Summits Club programs: Greetings from Crimea! At the same time three groups visited our rock massifs! Charming girls Irina and Aleftina had climbing training with two our guides.       Alla and Dmitry  had a  special ...

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Artem Andrienko climbed "Mishorsky grottoes" route at the end of the Mountain school program of the 7 Summits Club

17/06/2018 17:08

Natalya Kartashova, head of Crimean programs of the 7 Summits Club:  The session of the Mountain school with Artem Andrienko has been successfully completed.  First time the  route "Mishorsky grottes" was climbed completely from bottom to the top! There are 16 pitches of the most ...

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Congratulations to Anya Rybakova! She climbed a great and challenging route in the Crimea

01/06/2018 19:31

Natalya Kartashova, head of the Crimean programs of the 7 Summits Club:  Hello from the Crimea, Anna Rybakova is the second representative of the 7 Summits Club conquered "Mishorsky caves"! This is the most beautiful rocky route of the Crimea, (without exaggeration) includes  hard ...

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Anya Rybakova trains with children in Crimea

28/05/2018 20:41

Natalia Kartashova,  head of Crimean programs of the 7 Summits Club: Greetings from Crimea! And we have a guest Anya Rybakova  with her  wonderful children - Masha and Vanya. Kids-climbers are eager to fight, climb on 30-meter routes, make a real rock climb! Today they partially ...

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Cool pictures about the successfully day of the Mountain school of the 7 Summits Club from the Crimea

30/04/2018 04:18

Mountain school in the Crimea begins of classes on the cliffs of Simeiz.  Our participants Natalia and Maria train under the guidance of great guides Natalia and Alexei. Tomorrow we will consolidate skills in practice - we will storm the climbing route "Surprise". And the weather here is ...

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Photos from climbing on the Foros Kant and funny videos

22/04/2018 15:41

In preparation for the ascent on El Capitan from the program 7 Super Mountains, on the rocks of the Crimea we held a training session. Yesterday, a group was climbing a route on the Foros Kant   Boris Yegorov, guide of 7 summits Club:  We climbed the FortKant. The guys were so cheerful ...

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Photos from the Crimean paradise, where it is already spring - and the May Days it will be summer

30/03/2018 16:27

Some more photos from the Crimean paradise, which was opened by the Brazilian adventurer named Alberto. After a tiring hike, Alberto spent the day 'culturally' with guide Evgeny Ochkin in the Livadia Palace. The weather is lovely, spring, everywhere smells of flowering almonds, plums, jasmine! ...

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From the Brazilian autumn in Crimean spring. Alberto is the first in our climbing school in Crimea

19/03/2018 12:24

Natasha Kartashova, guide of 7 summits Club, head of our Crimean programs: Greetings from the Mountain school of the Crimea! Our team met an unusual guest English-speaking German, originally from Brazil. Alberto already hugging the Crimean pine, walking under the spray of the waterfall Uchan-su, ...

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