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Legitimate and well deserved rest day


04/05/2017 15:54

Alex Abramov reporting from Everest!
Day 17th, May 3, 2017
7 Summits Club Everest Expedition 2017.
Legitimate and well deserved rest day.

We slept like rolled over with asphalt paver)). I didn't ever roll or move. Canceled the Wake Up Tea! And we moved the breakfast onto later. Yeah, and out of nowhere... tibetans has started really loud music in the kitchen at the sunrise, like they missed the nepali music soooo much!

I was rolling over and over for 15 minutes and then went on and let the dogs out.... all of them... saved for 10 days. Music has gotten down. It was the most pleasurable half and hour under the sun.
We got Vobla (Sun dried salted fish) for breakfast! Without bear((. Vobla gave us salt and reminded of Motherland!

After breakfast the Monк came by from Rongbuk monastery and we had Pudzha ceremony, blessing of the Camp..

We have a terrific team! After spending serious time in Lotus poster, we finally covered each other with Dzampa flour))

The whole team went down to each chinese noodles and get the blessings from the Monks and we together with Sergey Larin were left in Base Camp to clean and prepare the shower and the souls.

Rest day in not complete without relaxing drinks. The whole team relaxed completely by the end of the day. It's understandable, and it's a necessity, when you are deprived of heat, O2, and overloaded with various irritations... Complete article about that is here
Later on the snowfall came down onto Base Camp. Surprise)) The one thing that really makes the difference is our coffeemaker, which unconditionally makes Cappuccinos and Lattes))













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