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 Let me, after all, fulfill my promise and start talking about how our camp is organized.

Here it is. Or rather, ours – it is in the right part of the frame, outlined by yellow tents.

That is, light green. The participants of the expedition live in them - a slender row of 12 tents, guides and superiors - a row of smaller tents.






Of course, everyone is interested to know how it is inside.  It's nice inside. These are two-layer insulated tents. Each tent is for one person. A small dressing room with hooks for clothes and hanging shelves.

And the main, insulated room, where there is a folding bed, mattress, blanket, pillow, small table.

The pillow, however, is so high that it is impossible to sleep on it.

Electricity is installed in the tent.

From a solar battery - very weak, but enough to keep the light on and it was possible to charge, for example, a powerbank through the USB connector.

There is also an extension 220. It is powered by a generator that is turned on from 17 to 22.

But it hasn't been working in my room for the second day. They promise to fix it. But not yet.








Hurray! The electricity was fixed for me.

But you can also charge electrical appliances in the dining salon, where there are several tables, an inflatable sofa, there are a bunch of extension cords and besides, it is heating.

There are also various board games and one paper book "Anna Karenina".

The dining salon is connected to the bar. In the bar, as usual, they pour. There is also a hair dryer, as it turned out today. Which is very valuable.

In the general photos, these are two hemispheres standing side by side.





Moving on. The long purple is the kitchen. Here the chef from La Sherpa restaurant makes wonders.

I'll tell you more about them later.

 On the contrary, there are utility rooms in an orange large tent. And in the largest, white hemisphere there is a dining room.  That is, a restaurant with a panoramic view of the glacier.







There are two washbasins next to the dining room. There is soap, antiseptic, paper towels.

In the mornings and evenings, warm water is poured there. So it's very comfortable to wash. But liquid soap is mostly frozen.






Well, since we are talking about washing, here is our washing room for you. It is located in a large orange tent. There is a dressing room where you can undress and a room where there are huge pots of hot water on the gas. There are also barrels of cold water.

The technology is simple: a basin, a ladle, mix water and wash. The main thing is, taking hot water, do not forget to add cold water to the pan so that it warms up for others.

There is also a portable shower where you need to pour water, but for me it's somehow easier with a basin.

The water is not constantly heated. They turn it on after breakfast and turn it off somewhere in two or three hours, when it gets cold and it won't work to wash without risking getting sick.




We have another big orange tent of the same size. It is a massage room. Well,  inside the masseur lives by himself. While the sun is shining outside, as in all other tents, it is warm. As soon as the sun disappears, it becomes noticeably cool and it is better not to go for a massage.

And so the massage is wonderful.

Here, by the way, is our masseur. He has lived all his life in Kathmandu, he has never been to the mountains. This is his first high-altitude experience.

To acclimatize, he went trekking with us from Lukla and said that the higher the mountains, the more they admire him.



There is also a tent where the doctor lives. His medical office is also there. Fortunately, I haven't been inside yet.




Well, everyone, as usual, is interested in what's going on with the toilet.

You probably noticed several purple houses of a characteristic shape. That's what they are.

And inside it looks like this. Considering where we are, it's just gorgeous.

 That's all, actually.