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22 February 2012, 13:44

From 12 to February 16, 2012 the 7 Summits Club team went to climb Mount Kenya. Our team: Denis Saveliev – as a guide of 7 Summits Club, Vyacheslav Adrov, Roman Gretzky.

The ascent took place in the so-called blitz scheme (up to 3 days from bottom to top). Another day was spent on the descent and transfer to the airport. Acclimatization to anyone was not required because all participants participated in various other climbs shortly before the trip to Kenya .

Denis Saveliev and Roman Gretzky climbed to the highest point of Mount Kenya - the peak of Batian graded 4-route using ropes and safety equipment. Meanwhile, Vyacheslav Adrov made the ascent to the peak of the Lenana, the next summit of the array that is relatively easy. By a trekking route with a local guide.