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24 February 2012, 18:18. Aconcagua, all programs »

February 22 a group of guys from the 7 Summits Club were at the top of Mount Aconcagua . Here are the names of climbers: Alexander Kolomiets, Vitaly Kolomiets, Nicholas Ostapov, Andrey Ternavsky, 7 Summits Club Guide - Dmitry Yermakov. One member Maxim has not reached the top quite a bit. The ascent was not easy. Climbers, after reviewing the weather forecast, they decided to go a day earlier than was planned. And to start from the camp Nido de Condores (5500 meters). That is, they had to overcome the drop in the 1,400 meters, and in the distance is about 7-8 miles. Judging by the happy faces, all efforts were not wasted ..