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V. Simonovic.Ojos del Salado and Atacama, WONDERFUL PICTURES!!!


27/12/2013 15:00

Chile – it is an amazing country of 1000 volcanoes and thousands of lakes, glaciers and deserts... In Chile, there is 15 regions, all lovely and picturesque. Today I want to show you just one - Atacama ...

Often travelers, who come to climb Ojos, in a hurry do not have time to see this beauty.

All (awesome) photos Atacama here >>>>>>>









Well, now a few words about the ascent ofOjos del Salado.... It's time ...

No special difficulties, most importantly, as always - be lucky with the weather. Well, no need to rush - 7000 meters yet – a need of acclimatization has not been canceled ...

I had hoped to acclimatize on Orizaba, but between the two mountains I got 14 days. A lot, too many. But I could not resist and tried to start climb on top of Ojos immediately after arrival. I had a luck, but... not right!




We had a picnic with a guide Mario first right into the crater, well then moved to the top, in total spending on the summit more than three hours. Good weather and lack of wind contributed to this. But in the end, the desire to go down to the restaurant and wash out to sea and had overpowered ...

Oh yes, our car was not able to climb up to 5800 meters, so we lugged all by yourself from the 5200 and back. From Copiapo to Copiapo we spent 6 days for the ascent ...

Along the way I lost the camera. Then it was found, but returned me only flash card with photos. Sorry for the camera, which was on Everest, South Pole, and many other points ...

But I'm happy, now I have something to show you ..

Take care of yourself! Good luck in the mountains. Vitaly S.

Gallery (50 pictures) "Ojos climbing" >>>>>>>







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