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Training necessary for our objectives. From Alexander Abramov.


07/08/2007 10:29

Necessary trainings.
Alexander Abramov tells.

For preparation for an ascent of the Everest it is necessary to train. Certainly, climbing ascents is best training for ascents, but … If you can not leave city, and up to the nearest mountains it is more than 1000 kms, it is necessary to learn to train in city conditions. I want, as an example, to recommend minimally necessary volume of trainings.

Monday (morning).
Run of 30-40 minutes, bodily exercise, bathing in an ice-hole (or douche by cold water).

Tuesday (morning).
Pool (swimming): 500-1000 m.

Wednesday (morning).
Run (bicycle) 1 hour, bodily exercise.

Wednesday (evening).
Indoor Climbing Wall (or Ice Wall).

Thursday (morning).
Pool (swimming) 500-1000 m.

Friday (morning).
Run (or a bicycle) 1 hour, bodily exercise, bathing in an ice-hole (or douche by cold water).

Saturday (morning).
Cross-country ski of 15-30 kms (or a bicycle).

Saturday (evening).
Indoor Climbing Wall (or Ice Wall).

Alpine skiing.

Clearly, that in the modern life, it is difficult to to train every day. But it is necessary to understand, that a successful ascent on the top of the Everest and safe descent, in many respects, depend on the good physical form. Therefore, for your blessing, it is necessary to try to carry out this program even on 50 %.



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