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   In 2018, 100% of members and guides of the expedition of the 7 Summit Club successfully reached the summit of Mount Everest. It is 59 PAX: 26 mountain climbers, 20  members (19 Russians and 1 Polish),  6 Russian guides and 33 Sherpas.

No one was injured or frostbite. This is the result of fifteen years of experience in organizing expeditions on Everest and other eight-thousanders by the 7 Summit Club, Alexander Abramov, his team of guides and Sherpas.


Our record achievements

Lhakpa Sherpa  is 9 times at the top, a world achievement among women.


National achievements


Alexander Abramov - 9th ascent.

Dmitry Tertychnyy is 17 years old, the youngest Russian.

Ksenia Samarina is 26 years old, the youngest Russian woman.

Alexander and  Dmitry Tertychnyy, and first family ascent of father + son in Russia.

Two married couples on top of Everest in one day (possibly a world achievement):

Igor Demyanenko - Jamilya Murtazina

Airat Yunusov - Zemfira Yunusova.


The re-ascent

Maxim Shakirov - 3rd time

Karina Mezova, Dmitry Ermakov, Vladimir Kotlyar, Andrey Mariev and Igor Demyanenko - the 2nd time.