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14 November 2015, 11:44

Tashi Tenzing, multiple climber of Mount Everest, the youngest son of Pem Pem, the eldest daughter of the great Tenzing Norgey. November 30th he will be 50 years old! The date worthy to tell the history of his life, continuing the great generation of Tenzing.

"The famous GRANDPA of our hero was born in the highlands of the Khumbu in Nepal. Later, as an adult, he moved to Darjeeling (India). It is likely that in fact he was born in Tibet. After birth, was named Namgyal Wangdi. Then, on the advice of Lama was named by parents as Tenzing Norgay, which means "happy wealthy supporter of religion." He did not attach much importance to his exact age, proper names and their transcription (Sherpas at the time did not use written and accurate calendar in the home). Date of birth he defined approximately, according to the memoirs of mother about the weather and the harvest. "

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