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SUMMIT!  The first group successfully reached the top of Mount Everest! Alexander Abramov did it for the 10th time!


23/05/2019 14:47

According to the information available to date, the group took the route around 1 am. About 7-8 am in Nepal time they were halfway (passed the Second step). Go slowly. Hard traffic. Strong wind.  At 10:30 the whole group stood at the top. Now the team is on the descent.



 Heroes of the day: Alexander Abramov, Irina Zisman, Dima Ghinkulov, Arno Ter-Saakov, Andrey Polyakov, Ivan Pominov, Bartholomey Paczoski. And our Sherpa friends.


Everest (8848m or 8844m) is Earth's highest mountain above the sea level located on the border of Nepal and Tibet (China). Climbing Everest requires careful preparation: life in ... read more »

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