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30 June 2019, 10:06

 Alexander Abramov, President of the 7 Summits Club:

  Hello! Alexander Abramov from Alaska, from the Denali expedition.  Once again I remind, we have 10 Russian members and three American guides. Of our ten members we also have three guides of the 7 Summits Club and I, Alexander Abramov, as the head of the expedition. Today we are at a very good pace dragged loads from the camp 8000  to the camp 11000. That is, it was a height difference of almost one kilometer. We walked with heavy backpacks for four hours and forty minutes.  It's fast. Then we went down to the camp at 8000. The camp is in a beautiful place here, very warm, even hot at times. But we know that after a while all this, of course, will end. Tomorrow we will move our camp from 8000 to 11000 feet. We will also spend two more nights there.

 The weather is good, but promise deterioration.  All, Bye!



 Listen to the audio message (in Russian):