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The second part of the documentary series "The Man who always wanted more." Climbing Manaslu with a team of the 7 Summits Club


12/08/2019 23:14

RD Studio presented yesterday the second part of the documentary from 4 parts "The Man who always wanted more".

 This is the story of a man who on the eve of his 60th birthday decided to climb Everest. But before climbing the highest mountain of the planet, he will climb three peaks in different parts of the world: Kazbek, Manaslu and Ohos del Salado. 


1 hero.

4 mountains.

4 films.


Film 2. "A man who has always wanted more. Manaslu"



Vasily Shakhnovsky was able to climb Kazbek. There will be a jump to 3 kilometers up. Mount Manaslu - the eight-thousand meter peaks of Nepal, one of the 14 eight-thousanders of the world. Unusually beautiful and avalanche dangerous.  The way to the top is blocked by numerous cracks and snow cornices. But the main danger is height. Never before Vasily was not above 8000.



Part 1. Kazbek



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