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since 2005
8 September 2019, 15:36

Greetings from the slopes of Mount Kazbek, from a group with an original name "Gastronomic ecstasy"! What other name could come to mind after the torture of delicious Georgian cuisine. Everyone noticed the signs of lack of appetite after the 5th and one 4th meals.

 From food we are distracted the need somewhere to go or walk. As a rule, from table to table, for a new gastronomic ecstasy. Or rent for equipment, or up to the shelter,  then we have a plan to go higher.

The mountain is difficult to discuss, they did not show due to the thick fogginess and cloudiness. Unlike food.

Day plan trips was done, we reached the refuge at 3000+. Left to eat again.

And legalize the new name of the group - "Rosary" – see our girls below…