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Alex Abramov about the Russian camp on Aconcagua from the 7 Summits Club: a unique service at your disposal! A lot of photos

Cerro Aconcagua (official name) with its 6,962 m is the highest mountain in South (and both) America, and the highest mountain in the Southern and Western Hemisphere. It is located in the Andes ... read more »
24 December 2019, 19:12: We live very well. There is a separate club tent in our Russian camp of the 7 Summits Club. We, all members and guides, sleep by one person in a tent. We have great food. Free, unlimited Wi-fi, shower and charging ... with electricity. And what’s very important: we all have large double tents. Like on Everest. And in each tent there are gas heaters. Also, for every dinner we give out one bottle of Argentinean red wine for 4 people. Therefore, after dinner, we sit in the warmth. We play guitar and cards. We pulled upstairs into the upper camps of Nido De Condores and Cholera, large dining tents. 10 sleeping tents, 40 sleeping bags, 40 rugs, food and gas. We have 5 guides for the first group of 11 members: three Russians and two Nepalese Sherpas. We are waiting for the second group on December 28, with which four guides will also work. Yes, upon arrival in Mendoza we will settle our members at the five-star Diplomatic Hotel. MORE »

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