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A day of rest in the Russian camp of the 7 Summits Club on Aconcagua. About speed record and meeting with friends

Cerro Aconcagua (official name) with its 6,962 m is the highest mountain in South (and both) America, and the highest mountain in the Southern and Western Hemisphere. It is located in the Andes ... read more »
28 December 2019, 20:14: Alex Abramov from Argentina: Today there was a day of rest at Aconcagua Base Camp on the Plaza de Mulas. The team members washed, collected equipment, “cleaning feathers”. By chance today, the owner of the company, Kari Kobler, came into the camp. We work side by side on Everest base camp around for 20 years. I also met Hiro (Hiroyuki Kuraoka). He is the best Japanese guide. We worked a lot alongside him on all Seven summits. Hiro is on the right in the photo… And also, yesterday Czech skyrunner Martin Zhor set a new world record. He ran to the summit of Aconcagua from the Plaza de Mulas (4200 m) to the top in 3 hours 38 minutes 17 seconds. Moreover, he says that he kept a heart rate of 140 beats per minute. And only at the top of the pulse rose to 160. Probably, from the happiness that he became the owner of a world record. MORE »

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