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9 January 2020, 05:36

 Ludmila Korobeshko, the 7 Summits Club Director and group guide:

January 8. Hello from Bolivia from "Que pasa" team! Today there was an incredibly busy day. On the morning we left La Paz and headed towards Lake Titicaca. First of all we visited the museum Ra 2, which is hold by a family, participated in the construction of boats for the expedition of Thor Heyerdahl. By lunchtime, we arrived on the main island of the lakes – Isla del Sol (Island of the Sun), which at one time was the religious center of the Inca Empire. We visited the ruins of the Inca castles, ate great Andean lunch of vegetables grown on the fertile banks of Titicaca.

In the evening we went to a heavenly place - Hotel La Estancia. Along the way we met local lamas and alpacas. At the end, we admired sunset on the highest point of the Sun Island.