Providing expeditions
since 2005
9 January 2020, 23:21

 Hello from Bolivia! This is the group “Que pasa” and Luda Korobeshko. Today we woke up in a wonderful eco-hotel in the religious center of the Incan empire - on the island of the Sun. After drinking rejuvenating water from the magical source of the Incas and rejuvenated, we sailed to the island of the Moon. There we examined the ruins of the ancient temple. Here, beautiful young girls were brought up to 16 years old, then they were sacrificed to the gods or married to noble Incas. To whom it was lucky.

 Then we got to a floating island (Uros tribes still live on similar islands made of their reeds), where we caught fish and had lunch.

Further in the program there was a visit to the Temple of Copacabana, where locals  priests consecrate newly purchased cars. And in the evening, we moved to the Casa Blanca shelter at 4700, already on the slopes of Huayna Potosi.