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Photos of fantastic Antarctica and greetings from Punta Arenas from the guide of the 7 Summits Club Artyom Rostovtsev

An expedition to Vinson Peak is often called the “Key to 7 Summits”. The mountain itself does not present serious technical problems, but it is very difficult to even reach it. Mount ... read more »
21 January 2020, 20:09: Greetings from the southern branch of the 7 Summits Club! We have finally left the most unpopulated continent. The climbing season of the 7 Summits Club in Antarctica ended successfully. Three successful expeditions to the highest point of the white continent! All members used their not-so-easy chance to stand on top of Vinson Massif. And someone managed to stand on the highest volcano of the continent – Mount Sidley. The weather was very diverse. But somehow, in all three expeditions, the ascent plan was not frustrated and we had reached the top in the most favorable conditions. The most difficult moment was the evacuation in stormy weather down from the assault camp after one of the successful visits to the summit (the weather tried to leave us there for several days) and the next 8 days of waiting for departure from the base camp Vinson. The other day it will be the 200th anniversary of the discovery of the Antarctic continent by Russian researchers. We dedicated our summit climb to this date. Well, now drying, fixing, packing of equipment and closing our southern branch until next season. MORE »

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