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R. J. Nagarajan. Expedition to Antarctica & Mt Vinson story

An expedition to Vinson Peak is often called the “Key to 7 Summits”. The mountain itself does not present serious technical problems, but it is very difficult to even reach it. Mount ... read more »
22 April 2020, 12:44: Looking Back ... some nostalgic feeling of being in Antarctica and summiting Mt Vinson with Alex Abramov and the crazy Russian team: Vladislav Lachkarev and Alla Mishina. The entire trip was freezing cold, white-out, windy ...only the Russians can heck this ... super strong and resilient folks not forgetting their spirits! (not vodka .... but pure alcohol! :)) As crazy as they can be, but I had some wonderful time and learned so many values! Since I got back from the trip … I wondered why was it so much fun and at the same time, we all became so close and manage to endure that atrocious weather and manage to get to the pinnacle of Antarctica. These were some of my reflections and learnings for this expedition! MORE »

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