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22 June 2020, 23:52. Manaslu, all programs »

From the point of view of science, from the point of view of practice and common sense, before attempting to climb the highest peak of the World, Everest, you need to get some experience of working at extreme heights. That is, simply put, to test yourself by taking part in an expedition to a lower and simpler eight-thousander. This is not only a test of physical capabilities, but also gaining experience  working in the expedition team, just the practice of staying in conditions "close to combat". If you want to participate in the ascent of Mount Everest in 2021, the 7 Summits Club strongly recommends that you take part in our autumn expedition to the eighth highest peak in the World, Mount Manaslu (8156 m). In it, you will get to know the participants of the future expedition to Everest, guides and our irreplaceable partners Sherpas.



Program of ascent on Manaslu in the fall of 2020