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6 November 2020, 17:40. Kilimanjaro, all programs »

Instead of 500 people who ascend Kilimanjaro peak (Uhuru peak, 5895 m) every day at normal times, now according to the National Park administration, an average of 8 people per day register a successful summit ascent.

Dreams come true sooner or later, one way or another! Many climbers, before deciding on the route, express their wishes to go along the least crowded path to enjoy the beauty in solitude and merge with nature!

Now it is possible!

You can go along one of the routes and not meet a single person!

A small group of the 7 Summits Club had just climbed the highest peak in Africa on the Marangu route.

According to them, it was amazing! Just you and mountains, and not a single person in any camp!

 The weather was beautiful. We enjoyed nature and solitude! We saw a lot of animals.

In addition, our climbers encountered traces of a fire in the Kilimanjaro National Park, many videos of which could be seen on YouTube a couple of weeks ago. The fire raged in the forest at an altitude of about 3500 m (between the camps of Mandara and Horombo, in the area of unique dendrosenecia).

The ashes of course are terrible, but  it is a unique sight! It's awfully interesting.

And the forest has already started to recover and in six months everything will be back as before.

Kilimanjaro is open and wait for you!