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since 2005
31 December 2020, 18:05

Happy New Year! We wish you good health and new summits! Let join us!

 In 2020, the 7 Summits Club entered at full speed, in the usual rhythm and in full confidence in our strength. During the New Year period of 19/20, our groups traveled all over the world, mainly in the Southern Hemisphere. All our programs were successful, members of ascents and hikes returned home happy.

 Then the madness came, and quarantine crept up on us. But we did not lose heart and conducted online training sessions that helped us prepare in the summer!

 We managed to get a full season on Elbrus, in the summer every week groups of the 7 Summits Club climbed the summit. And this summer there lasted until mid-October! We have rediscovered Ararat! Tanzania with Kilimanjaro in general was the only country completely safe from COVID, and we returned to Africa when returned flights! Now South America has opened a little, Ecuador, Mexico and Chile are hosting guests. And our groups already climbed local summits…

 Celebrating the New Year, we wish all mankind to defeat the evil infection! And thanks for the lessons of the outgoing year! We began to more appreciate freedom, we realized that we could not live without traveling and climbing!

 Everest, Denali, Antarctica, Aconcagua and other mountains – how lonely its were without us this year! How its are waiting for us!

 Sincerely yours, the 7 Summits Club.