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5 June 2021, 19:12. Lhotse, all programs »

Alexander Abramov, still from Kathmandu, about the results of the Everest - Lhotse 2021 expedition:

This year's Everest season has been very dramatic. The pandemic, the weather on Mount Everest, the covid outbreak and the lockdown in Nepal, caused a lot of confusion and frayed the nerves of all the expeditions, participants and leaders of the expeditions. More than a hundred Sherpas fell ill and left their jobs. At least half of the participants were ill, coughed, had a fever, and left for treatment. Some came back, some didn't.

The weather was actually unusual for the Everest-Lhotse area. This year, less than half of the participants who bought permits have reached the summit of Mount Everest. And there are only 20 participants on the summit of Lhotse in general.

Now participants of expeditions are trying to fly out of Nepal by export charters. International regular service is completely prohibited.

Congratulations to all those who fought, survived and reached the summit of Mount Everest this year, despite all difficulties and hardships! And I thank all the Sherpas who heroically helped the participants achieve their cherished goal.

Thank you to everyone who waited, hoped and believed in us! We are flying to Moscow.

Thank you to the Russian Embassy in Nepal for your help and support in such a difficult and stressful year!


Alexey Novikov, Russian Ambassador to Nepal,

Mikhail Skovorodnikov, Head of the Consular Department,

To Nikolay Kapustin, attache, Press Secretary.