4 August 2021, 19:58

Lyudmila Korobeshko from the Elbrus Region: Greetings to all from the Elbrus region from the group "Oscar's Angels"! Today we had a difficult day – we climbed to the Pastukhov Rocks. But it is noteworthy that an 11-year-old boy (the son of one of the participants) named Stepan decided to go with us. As a result, Stepa ran almost faster than everyone else (we had to restrain him). And since he had previously watched the "High-Altitude Gene", he kept asking on the way: "Will it be approximately the same on Everest?"

The 7 Summits Club guide Sasha Dorojukov also took a walk with us. He decided to check his leg, because of which he was out of action a couple of weeks ago.

Tomorrow morning we rest, and after lunch we go up to the refuge and at night we go to storm Elbrus.