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17 August 2021, 21:55. Damavand, all programs »

Greetings from Tehran from the team "Kakasy in Iran"! Today we had a long, busy and difficult day. We made a heroic ascent on the top of Tochal (3960m). In fact, the heroism was to overcome a very long descent with a drop of 2000 m in the heat, by stones and rocks. At 7 am, we went on an assault from a height of 2700m. At 12 o'clock in the afternoon we were at the top. And only at sunset we went down to the bus. We are glad that we all went up and down all together!

Tomorrow we will try to break through to the foot of Demavend. In Iran, the authorities have just announced a lockdown. And all the roads to Demavend were blocked. We hope that our relations with the Iranian Mountaineering Federation will help us overcome all the barriers.

Lyudmila Korobeshko, the guide of the group "Kakasov in Iran", was in touch.