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17 December 2021, 04:50. Vinson, all programs »

Artem Rostovtsev, a guide of the 7 Summits Club, from Antarctica: Hello, Seven Summits! Antarctica is broadcasting. We are at the slopes of the Vinson Massif, or rather, an assault  camp. Today we have climbed up the High camp. We are trying to jump into the last weather window for the near future.  They promise not a strong wind tomorrow. Therefore, early tomorrow morning we plan to go to the summit. Today everyone ascended much faster than last time. With a better state of health, it feels like they have acclimatized. And after that we had time to rest. So if the weather doesn't surprise us, we should be able to make the summit tomorrow. Nims with his team decided to do it a little differently. His plan is to leave the Low Camp right away at night.  And go to the summit. It was not possible to convince him join us. In general, we have two different options tomorrow we will go to the top. Greetings again from the Antarctic guides Tema, Volodya and Nims!