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25 December 2021, 07:41. South Pole, all programs »

Vladimir Kotlyar, guide of the 7 Summits Club, from Antarctica: Aloha to the Seven Summits Club! The group going to the South Pole, guide Vladimir Kotlyar, participants Valery and Yuri Shamrilo from Belarus are in touch. We long time waited for the weather and  at last flew to the starting point. Unfortunately, due to the fact that we spent many days on the Union Glacier, we had only four days left, at most, an we shortened the program. We are not going to "the last degree", but "the last half degree". Which is also, in principle, not bad, not bad – we have already walked three kilometers and we will probably walk three or five kilometers more today. That's enough for the first day. We will set up a camp, rest, and tomorrow we will go as much as possible! We are looking for the South Pole…

The group with guides Nirmal Purja and Tashi Lakpa went on the classic route "The Last degree".