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10 June 2022, 21:50

  Yesterday, a big meeting of friends of the 7 Summits Club took place in the lecture hall of the Sports Marathon Travelers Club.  The program included the presentation of Alexander Abramov's book "The Height-Altitude  Gene" and the first ever presentation of orders “Seven Summits”.  The hall was crowded, and everyone showed great interest in what was happening "on stage".  The procedure for awarding orders has turned into a solemn presentation of outstanding personalities, such are the heroes, the climbers of all "Seven Summits".   

 The Order of the Seven Summits is an honorary award to climbers who have climbed the highest peaks of all seven continents of our planet. In total, there are almost half a thousand people who have completed it.  There are already about fifty of them in the list of Russians. The first number in it is the famous Russian traveler Fyodor Konyukhov, who completed the program back in 1997.

  The presentation of the badge of honor, which is called the order, is a long-standing idea of the president of the 7 Summits Club company, Alexander Abramov, who, by the way, has already completed the program three times. Finally, the idea that the climbers of the "SevenSummits" are worthy of a separate award has been brought to life.  And the heroes who have passed through all continents, climbed to their highest peaks, received a beautiful order!  The 7 Summits Club plans to make the solemn procedure of awarding the Seven Summits Orders traditional. After all, the award can only be received in person, not everyone could be in Moscow that evening. Well, we are waiting for new heroes, the mountains are calling and waiting for us!

 The list of climbers who received the order (themselves or through family representatives):

Konyukhov Fyodor

Moskalev Dmitry

Abramov Alexander

Korobeshko Lyudmila

Bobok Victor

Ashurli Israfil

Larin Sergey

Kofanov Sergey  

Prinzyuk Igor

Turovsky Mikhail

Podolyan Andrey

Sokov Dmitry

Simonovich Vitaly

Filkov Andrey

Kadochin Igor

Dudko Sergey

Krasnov Dmitry

Dmitriev Sergey

Kravt Evgeny

Bautin Alexey

Balakin Alexey

Tertychny Alexander

Tertychny Dmitry

Sadetsky George

Belkovich Vladimir

Semeshkin Kirill

Lachkarev Vladislav

Popov  Alexander

Rostovtsev Artem

Zisman Irina

Gurgov Yuri.