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2 September 2022, 10:54. Damavand, all programs »

Гид Клуба 7 Вершин Валерий Мясоедов сообщает из Ирана:

Хорошая четная дата 1 сентября, первый день осени, начало учебного года, а у нас начало программы на Дамаванд! Тегеран встретил нас, как всегда, жаркой погодой +36 днём, но мы были к этому готовы. А как мы промчались через все этапы паспортно-визового контроля, дух захватывает! 40 минут с момента приземления, и мы уже получили багаж. Вот что значит правильная организация процесса!


 A quick transfer to the hotel and four whole hours to rest and sleep in the morning, lucky so lucky! A sightseeing tour, part of which took the exchange of money. There are a lot of exchangers, but they have surprisingly little money, a seasonal problem with cash. A traditional visit to the Golestan Palace, the residence of the Iranian shahs - mirrors, carpets, stained glass windows, oriental flavor delights and amazes.



Lunch at a cafe serving "dizi sangi", a rich stewed vegetable stew with lamb. And the serving is also unusual, be sure to visit and use!

 And the highlight of yesterday's program... drumming... This is a banji jump from Tehran's tallest building, the Milod Tower, 435 m high.

There... see the platform?..  the height of the platform is 280 meters.



One of the members of our group is the legendary Mikhail Panov, the owner of numerous records, who has 520 jumps in all corners of the planet. He got carried away with bungee at the age of 63, and now at 69 years old and does not think to stop there.

Mikhail developed this idea of jumping from the Milod Tower, and, of course, we supported him. Two more members of our group, two Valeria and the tour guide Fatima joined him.



 Many thanks to Mikhail for the idea, for the motivation, we hope it will continue and attract fearless participants to visit both Iran and Damavand in the future.

 And it wasn't the end of this super-saturated day. Then there was a welcome dinner at the Milod Tower restaurant, just one floor below. Tired and satisfied, we got to the hotel and literally collapsed in bed, such a day will remain in memory for a long time!