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21 October 2022, 18:20. Kilimanjaro, all programs »

Friends, hello to all from Tanzania! Today we were greeted by the bright sun and the singing of birds. We had breakfast and held a morning medical check-up for the whole Iskorka group. All feel great, saturation is 90+. The Mandara Hut pleased with its accommodation in fairly comfortable cabins for 4 people. Yesterday we passed a picturesque and uncomplicated passage, met waterfalls, small rivers, exotic plants and animals. We were moving towards the Horombo camp (3760 m). On the way 15 km, a set of 1000 meters. The first meeting with Kilimanjaro took place! Kibo Cone and Mawenzi Peak appeared to us. We got to Khorombo a little tired, but happy.

The guides of the program are Alexander Dorojukov and Olga Startseva.