15 November, 15:29

The guide of the 7 Summits Club Svetlana Kotlyar reports from Papua New Guinea:

Hello to the 7 Summits Club from Papua New Guinea! Today at 9 am our team "SPAPUANATY" in full force stood on top of the highest volcano in Australia and Oceania — GILUVE (4368 m)! From the base camp at an altitude of 3700 we reached the summit in 3.5 hours. The last 150 meters of a fairly steep climb we went using a rope for belay, which undoubtedly added extreme for the participants! The mountain turned out to be not so trekking!

We decided today to go down to the bottom and move to the lodge. We were insanely tired during this busy day, we were on our feet for more than 12 hours today.

We are resting now, all the details are tomorrow!